Anyone order a retro jersey?

After a week of debate, just wondering if anyone purchased a retro jersey?

I ordered 2 for my household, #10 and #68.

Just curious to see who ordered them and if they went with a #.

Wow.. now you're double posting threads. You're really on a roll huh?

The other thread is about the actual jersey and the look of it.

I am just seeing what people ordered.

I bought my jersey earlier this year so I ended up getting a Quinton Porter jersey.

I got a Porter and Rodriguez jersey for Christmas but I also purchased a Mosca replica.

No retro but I did purchase a new Home jeresy with Montford and #53 on it. He never wore the new style but I don't care... gotta represent my favorite Ticat of all time.

Just got my 77 jersey in the mail and am very pleased with it.

Contemplating a Henley homage in keeping with the theme. :wink:

Might be later in the fall, but I am a Garney guy. Until Ben came along, he was MY guy in the Cat Parthenon.

Oski Wee Wee,

My Jimmy Edwards! Wore it at the game in Montreal last Thursday! Rave reviews!

[url=] ... 0634-1.jpg[/url]

I had the numbers stitched in the proper spots, too! President Scott Mitchell saw it pre-game and saw why the team should've done the same, I think!

#3 in my Parthenon! LOL

Good show!

I was going to buy 2 Retro Jersey's but when I went to the store. I noticed that the Yellow was very Orange and was very different than the 1965 model jersey's that they sold a few years back. That model had the long sleeves with altenating black and yellow stripes....I believe the correct version of yellow would be (mustard yellow)......I really liked those so I bought 2 of them. I will wait until they do the 70's Retro next year.....Hopefully the yellow stripe will have the correct shade. :slight_smile:

In the 1980's (our retro shirts), I remember Bernie Ruoff being #10, but who was #68?? I remember Ang being 68, but that was in the 60's and early 70's, way before these jerseys came into play.

For these jerseys, you should look at #1- Winfield, #2- Kerrigan, #21 Zatylny, #77 Covington or #87 Champion.

Mike Derks at right tackle?

Todd Dillon wore #10 during his Ticat time also. Remember how we had a bit of a QB controversy heading into the '89 Grey Cup? I still associate Dillon more with Ottawa though.

was gerald vaughn#28? leaning toward that shirt if available.
i got one of the old retros from about 5 years ago, want another soon.

8) Gerald Vaughn wore #39.

Didn't look like too many people had these jerseys at the game 2 weeks ago.

I don't think they were available long enough before the game. Reebok should have released them in the offseason so people would have a chance to kick the tires.

UB....LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER with proper sleeve numbering...can I ask where you got this done?

Thanks! I got it done at the Sports Zone here in the Evil Empire (Toronto). Yonge St. south of King. The owner said the Tackle Twill guys knew exactly what I wanted… they didn’t understand why the Cats didn’t do their throwbacks this way! I had to supply a pic of Angelo Mosca with the order to make sure they got it right.

The flash makes the jersey numbering look like the letters aren’t the correct colour but they nailed the colour perfectly. It’s the same gold as the stripes on the sleeve!

I’m sure any sports store can do this for you. Just copy my photo and take it in with you. They all use the same few stitching/embroidery guys…

Hope this helps!

Thanks UB...I'm assuming you bought the shirt blank and took it in, right?

Yup! Picked up my blank jersey at FanFest!