Anyone notice

Has anyone else noticed this ?

Most of the times that Burris gets sacked or has alotr of pressure it is because the Olineman are not picking up a guy right in front of them .
Often times I see a lineman shift left or right to blcok and help outr after the smap and they leave the guy right in fronto of them open to walk right forward to the QB .

I Also noticed that f the DE ( Chick ) and DT decide to cross often one of them are all alone .

these Olineman need to knwo "WHO HAS WHO "

it seems way to easy for them to mix our guys up ?

I also notice that the tackles ( Dile and Simmons) often times just puch a guy away to the outside i guess because they know the play call is a quick hit ....the problem with that is if th equick hiot guy is not open and then teh DE just has to take a wide route to a qb SACK .

i also noticed that rey williams can just delay a second and then wun right trhough the line untouched . it doe snot seem to me that the oline is very organized and not considering a delayed blitz .
This is the one spot wher ei thought we had experience :slight_smile:

i have felt HAGE was over rated and very often injured .

the 3rd down goal lne surge was pathetic ..From what I could see O'neill and wojt did not get much surge as Burris went just to the right of cemter.

I think the oline needs to practice this as these are cases too when there is no blitz and it shoudl be the basic of 5 lineoman and back against 4 dlineman and a middle linebacker .

There's a few things going on here. From things I've noticed ...

Many, if not all the other teams use a SB to slide inside off his waggle to pick up a blitzing DB/CB/SAM/S coming off the edge. One TD this past Saturday, Hamilton did just that with Bakari Grant allowing Henry to make a nice throw. Can't remember if it was the Ellingson TD or the one to Lamar. So it was done once, but in my mind not enough. You see all sorts of other teams use an inside receiver to pick up blitzes.

As far as the OT's pushing and guiding their player around the hub, that's standard OT pass blocking technique. You're supposed to ride him around the edge and out behind the pocket. The QB has to step up and make a throw.

The loops and stunts and late blitzes have caused problems yes. But that's what they're supposed to do. Only real way of countering that is to have a credible/legitimate run game. If a DLine runs a stunt and subsequently the RB rips them for a big run, you won't see them running said/same stunt many more times. If they respect your running game, they stay in their gaps and don't stunt. That being said, I've seen all three interior linemen give up sacks from an inside loop. Responsibility for the late blitz is generally the QB since the late blitzer looks for the gap & hunts/pecks/shoots his way to the QB. QB has to see this and dump it off to the "dump off".

As far as the 3rd & 1's ... don't know what to say ... they're brutal ... no excuse.

By no means am I saying the OLine has been perfect but they're taking A LOT of heat from what I believe has been substandard play by Henry Burris. Hank is indecisive. He's short arming throws. Holding onto the ball too long. He doesn't seem to be progressing through his reads thoroughly & quickly. He get's locked in on the primary route and isn't moving his eyes to the others quickly enough.

He's missing reads. (Not just me seeing it ... watch the interactions with Austin after a series) He's especially missing the RB coming out of the backfield. He's not running the zone-read-option well at all. One big sack Saturday was him making the wrong read on the option. He needed to give it to Gable. The line downblocked to the left and Gable had a seal to inside pursuit with no one between him and the sideline. He was gone. Again, not saying all the sacks are Henry's fault but I'd say more than half the sacks are avoidable by getting rid of the ball. It's 1 One Thousand, 2 One Thousand, 3 & throw. That's the way it is across the league. Other QB's are doing it. Other Vet QB's are throwing the ball away instead of taking the sack. Even rookies this past weekend looked a lot better at managing & being poised in the pocket. Some of this may be the receivers too. At times they seem to be running routes rather than getting open. They're not always aware of the down/yardage situation or aware of the pressure package coming and that they have to run a "hot" route.

I think overall the line has to take their share of blame. So do the receivers. But so does Hank.


Thanks for the offer Captain ... but I'm retired. :lol:

We need to move Joel Figueroa to guard and find our import busters somewhere else.
The o-line should be Figueroa , Dile , Simmons , Dyakowski , O'neill ( Wojt as a sprare )
The o-line is a under valued part of the team. We can't run the ball because we don't have
the beef up front. Figueroa is a stud. His performance in the Toronto game was very good.
When ( non-import ) veterans know they have only young inexperienced (non - import ) players coming behind
they start to coast. The o-Line has had two bad games in a row . It is time to put some pressure
on them.

I agree with you about Figueroa.. Hes a beast that can play both positions.. he played both at Miami!! :cowboy:

I just watched the sacks again, and noticed two things. First, O'Neill left his lane a few times in order to make contact on someone, anyone, and two of the sacks were direct results of that. Second, Gable is a very good blocker when he makes contact, but often locks onto a single defensive player and misses players coming clean in on Burris, resulting in two of the other sacks. He also ended up being a turnstile on one of the other sacks, missing the defender completely. If he could learn the head-on-a-swivel from Walker, and Walker could learn how to make his blocks from Gable, we'd have the two best blocking RBs in the league.

And one of the sacks is partially on Giguere for not turning quickly enough on his swing route. Burris was already buried on his naked bootleg by the time Giguere looked back. Good on the Rider defender for reading the play, though.


Okay then ... since you said please! Over to you Caretaker ... DM me @ your convenience!

And to think, I just watch the game!! :wink:
It is humbling as to what I am not seeing.
Thank you for the calming and well written opinion of our Offense. :thup:

Yeah, really like what FenderGuy69 wrote.

Too many sacks, and lottsa blame to spread from O-line, RBs, receivers not getting open, and Burris holding on to the ball too long.

Not sure about him not making his progressions (will watch for it) but 2 things about the QB play has really stuck out for me right from the first week or two:

No one open? Pocket collapsing? Nowhere to run? THROW THE BALL AWAY!
Why so many static drop backs? How about roll outs, or moving pockets. Use Burris' mobility and athleticism to their fullest.

(BTW, my earlier one word post "coaching?" was an answer to the OPs questioning of the under performing O-line. I'm thinkin' it may be the play designs and blocking schemes....but I'm all for FenderGuy69 coaching!)

I’m thinking that without a fully-intact STARTING O-line, KA might be limiting the playbook in order to keep the blocking schemes as uncomplicated as possible.

I dunno.

Looking at all 5 depth charts, it seemed intact enough for the most part and not all that different form last year's O-line.

I'm leaning more towards what the coaches have them doing (ie schemes, blocking assignments). If that's the case, then the o-line might need more time to gel and "get' the schemes and assignments, or the coaches need better schemes or assignments. Time will tell, I suppose.

But then again, how do you account for the two failed 3rd & 1 conversions?

Like I've said, it's pretty much the same line as last year, when it was much better. I see last year's OC and O-line coach doing wonders with the vastly improved running game and pass protection in Regina.

I'm sorry but I don't buy it - Blaming Hank for the loss on Saturday is simply wrong. If our O-Line had given him the protection Sask's did for Willy (who was 0 - 2 in his first career starts with one td and two interceptions before having the pleasure of our defence) it would have been a different result.

Watch the video of the first couple of drives and tell me where "the pocket" is?

The pocket for Hank only existed in theory in that game: to talk about shifting the pocket or Hank needing to roll-out is to ignore the obvious - the O-Line was in desperation mode most of the night.

I agree with Fender's analysis, which was very insightful. I had noticed Henry's problem executing the zone read properly, but hadn't thought about him not picking up his RB releasing or check-releasing into the flat. That should be his safety valve, particularly against an aggressive, stunting defense. When you mess up a zone read, your head isn't quite in the game IMO. It's not like Hank is running zone read for the first time in his life. He's worked that play to perfection in years past, both with Hamilton and with Calgary. Something's up and he needs to straighten himself out soon. Not taking away the O-line problems but Burris needs to elevate...

I agree, give me a QB making good reads, checking off when needed, releasing the ball quickly, or throwing the ball out of bounds when necessary I will show you an offensive line that gives up the fewest QB sacks.

Good analysis by Feder in particular on Henry,although Henry has blown a lot of plays and possible points some of the recievers blew some major and easy catches costing us points.I pray for a good turnout tonight,Go Cats and get a few points. :cowboy: