Anyone not following the Ticats this coming year?

Just seeing if there are some that will be taking a year off from the Ticats... while they play in Guelph. I mean not going to the games AND not watching them on TV. Generally taking a break.

I can’t make it to Guelph but I’ll see every single game on TV. It’s hard to disconnect yourself from the Cats if you’ve been following them for decades.

Anyone who is taking this approach next season should not even be considered a fan. I highly doubt you'll find anybody on these boards who will be taking a break next season. But I'm almost guaranteed that some people in Hamilton will be. :roll:

no i wont be taking a break i will try to take in a few games with the boys for the experiance the situation is not the N.H.L. therefore i have no reason to turn my back on the organization. I will be watching majority of the games from the cozy confines of my living room drinking cheaper beer and eating better food counting down the days till i walk into the new stadium . We all new this was gonna happen therefore why would u boycott them this year.

What difference does it make if the games are televised from Guelph or Hamilton?
Why the protest? The fact that you can't watch the Ticats in Hamilton is the fault of McMaster U not the Ticats. There was no other facility in Hamilton that could be used by the Ticats and Guelph was the closest.

goofy, is that like some sort of protest post? :stuck_out_tongue:

I won;t be going to the games in Guelph. However I am not giving up on my team. I'll cheer just as loud in my living room. :smiley:

What would that accomplish? Not renewing is enough for me. Plan to watch as many games as possibe on tv and get to a few in Guelph. Can't leave it alone completely, would be a waste of a year. To skip a whole season would not hurt anyone but yourself.

People don't even have a real reason to be mad at the NHL, but now the Ticats? Do whatever you want, just don't call yourself a fan. Football is football and if your a fan of football or the Ticats there's no reason not to watch.

Yes, that is one reason I have a television set for, to watch. And you know what? It works!

Yep, couldn't care less. Won't be watching the Bruins either.
In fact, don't know why I'm visiting this forum.
Too much money in sports, not so much in the CFL, for a bunch of guys to play a game and for a group of owners trying to get more money when they have more than they need already.
Too bad the average guy has to subsidized this with tax dollars and purchases of sports related clothes and gear. Why else would Nike give Rory $200million.

TV viewing all the way in 2103 plus cheaper food, BBQing, beer & better washroom access.....come to think of it if it goes well, I might just keep it up and enjoy the Cats at my "hometadium" as there are way more +'s. Maybe in 2014 there will be 2 seats in section XX available.
....and more importantly less wineing too.


Well cat, you're not alone, NFL attendance fell 4 straight years as this article says, the game literally is "in" one's living room nowadays.

NFL dangles apps and Wi-Fi to boost lagging attendance

Football is America's most popular sport, so you wouldn't think the National Football League would have any trouble getting fans to come to games.
But in an era of giant high-definition televisions and NFL RedZone -- a channel that broadcasts every scoring play of every game -- football zealots are growing weary of shelling out huge sums to watch the game in person. Attendance fell for four straight years from 2008 through 2011. The league was forced to adjust its sell-out rules to avoid having too many blacked-out television broadcasts

[url=] ... iots-wifi/[/url]

I will watch every game from my chair with beer in hand.

Attendance fell? doesn't look like it dropped in 2012 they had a jump. Jacksonville was down to around 42,000 a couple of years ago has jumped back over 65,000 a game.
28 teams with over 60,000 average, another 3 just below 58,000 and the smallest attendance at Oakland with only 54,000! I wish we had their problems. They are still coming out in big numbers to attend the games in person.

But you are right, CFL teams have to do something to get the fans out of their comfy chairs with the big screen TVs and get them to buy tickets

true, the NFL needs no tears with team averages currently ranging from 54,200 - 88,500 patrons per game.
In contrast, CFL team averages range in the neighborhood of 22,500 - 34,500 per, although averages are rising in recent years. (not quite 70's figures mind you)

well i said i wouldnt renew but looking back at the bond created with my nephews and me through the years at IWS we decided to make new ones and we renewed our seasons for guelph 4 tickets SOLD

Be careful with all the hype last year and then the let down and with all of the stadium issues this year it would be the year the the Ti Cats pull it together and win it all. The CFL is a Bizzaro world at times and this would make a great story. If you tune out this year you could miss something

i agree steve as much as i hate the argos my hat goes off to them they got good when it counted and finished that way

Talking about the way teams treat their fans, this is a great story from a San Diego Charger fan:

[url=*t-my-dad-says-why-your-team-give-damn-you] ... e-damn-you[/url]