Anyone miss Walby?

Does anyone miss Walby? I'm starting to a tiny bit, sometimes its just flusterating :lol: ok maybe i just miss laughing at him.

I hope CBC works something out soon, I want someone neutral back to do play by play.

Whos Walby?.....:wink:

He's only the guy that flatend countless Rider Prider Defensive lineman for many years, surprised you never herd of him...his foot prints are still entrenched on the backs of ill fated Rider D men



Don't miss Walby at all. If CBC wants to cut costs, they can probably get a chimpanzee to do a better colour job than Walby. At least the Chimp will have better things to say.

I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out, but I have finally realized why Kanga likes Walby so much. . .I feel so silly. . .it was so obvious. . .

. . .with Kanga's struggles with spelling words properly, he's convinced Walby is actually "Wallaby" - it makes him feel as though he's home!

. . .all in fun, Kanga. . . :smiley:

Actually, I didn't want to insult Kanga because I like him.....but....deep down I looked at Kanga's Spelling and Walby's talking...and ....well... I'm sorry Kanga, but at one point I thought that maybe YOU were Walby....

Can you forgive me for making that comparison? seem to have a deep dislike for Mr. Walby... does it stem from the fact that he used to beat up on your Lions when he played ....or is cuz you just don't like him for his broadcasting expertise...ehem......really I would like to see him back of the Bomber bench and planting his no. 12 shoe in some butts as a motivating factor.....whatever he may lack in being a T.V. personality he sure makes up for with drive and determination....and say what you like... he knows how to win...I think thats' a grey cup ring on his meat-hook....gobigblue.....

I kinda do. Allthough the silent games dont bother me I will be happy when the anouncers come back

I didn’t mind him as a player. For all the retired players available, I can’t beleive CBC could not find someone better. I look at quality of broadcasters, CBC lets some one like Chris Cuthbert Go and keeps a Walby. When Daved Benefield retires, he would be a great colour guy on telecasts. He had a cable show when he played in Vancouver and he was intellegent and spoke so well. I am sure all nine cities could probably name a few retired guys who speak well with a good knowledge of the game. God if I could get paid a dollar for every Walby mistake, I wouldn’t need my Canada Pension plan!

i do!

I don't!

I HATE Walby!!!

The dinner bell is ringing
Got some got yak yards there
Something you cant coach, its imbred into you
Offensa line and defensa line

How can you miss such an idiot!!!
Unless youre a bomber fan!!

You have to admit Walby is a lot more coherent that a lot of our posters :lol:

Uh, I’ll take Third, R&W, yourself over Walby any day.

Now, if you are comparing Walby to RunNealonRun, uh, well, then you got me there.

Question: What is it about Walby you dislike the most…

I was going to leave this post alone cause I knew either you or papazoola would take me to task.

When they go back to work I’ll make you a list.

(1) He acts more like a cheerleader than a colour guy at times.
(2) His use of the English language is worse than Mine! (And I’m bad!)
(3) He doesn’t know the basic rules. I could give many examples (Numerous times “Oh that was hardly a facemask, should only be 5 yards”)(Last year- “That’s a screen pass behind the line of scrimmage, why is that incomplete instead of a fumble?”)
(4) Chris Cuthbert used to be able to make him bearable. Chris could channel him off his little tangents. Mark Lee can not.

As I said to Papazoola. Good player, lousy colour guy. (And I don’t like Leif Petersen either)

Thats it… I’m now done with this post…nuff said.

I was only curious Sporty, didnt mean to take anyone to task on it, and the question was open to all...

agreed Sport....good player and a great guy to have on your team.....still would like him to get involved with the Bombers somehow.... sure could use him now....he's a motivator....not an orator...he knows how to win ...not how to spin... :!:

Walby is a great commentator ... if you're a Bomber fan . He sucks if your not , way too biased and it shows in his commentary. He conveniantly misses alot of stuff that doesn't favour the Bombers . Very unproffessinal . Maybe he should consider Bomber radio instead , that way his bias won't matter.