Anyone meet for away games at a bar

Does anyone go for some pops and watch the games at a bar. If so which bar.
Also any word on a train trip to Montreal again

The Dizzy Weasel.

maybe everyone should start going to Endzones. Since thats where they hold the get togethers with the players, and they had Cats on Cable a few times last year. plus its just a nice place with a bunch of tv's.

I stay at home, so I can drink and say slanderous things without the police getting involved. :lol:

lol i really hope this is a joke... two kids got killed there like a month ago from being stabbed inside. i use to dj there n the place is a dive.

Yeah, The Dizzy Weasel has been in the news for the wrong reason lately. And, like Blitz said, it's quite the dive on the inside anyways.

Philthy's is a nice place to go. 25% off your bill with a tiger towel, and lots of ti-cat fans.