anyone Like Iggy Pop?

anyone like iggy pop? i have 32 bootlegs of him, hes the best singer ever if anyone wants i can get a video clip from his early days?

or was anyone heard of him? here i'll include a video clip! hes the singer of the band you'll see!

watch the 1970 pop fest video on this site!

and tell me what you think? iggy is the singer!

so did anyone like it?

Why do you spam so much. You post 5 times on your thread before it dies, and no one else posts.

Iggy Popp once said "What really gets me excited is when I get to lick a hairy and sweaty female's armpit."

That's all I needed to know to make an opinion on that guy.

And, for the record, I prefer Iggy's brother: Jim Popp.

htats not the same iggy, this iggy is a very wild singer, youd have to know him to like him though, did you even watch the video the i posted?

"Does your p$%%y talk, does your p$%%y walk..." Love that song!

oh, W.MONDS, yeah that songs called P[}ssy walk, i love that song too i also love i wanna live, are you a iggy fan? what other songs do you know?

Iggy's not bad I havent heard a whol elot of him the only song ive heard of him that i know of is the one that he did with Sum 41. BUt i liked him in it. So who knows ive probably heard a lot more of his stuff and just havent realized it.

your thinking of "little know it all" thats the only song thats ever on the radio, he dosent do commercial crap!

Iggy pop? Does that come in cans or bottles? I have a weight problem though. So can I get Iggy Pop-Lite? Or does it just come in "Iggy Pop Classic?
Iggy Freakin' Pop!! Man, get a grip.

Oh quit popping off!!

I LIke PIc a Pop !!!
DO they even make that anymore?

"And now...back to our regularly scheduled program......Discussing Football!!!"

Iggy's great, I saw him with the Pretenders back in '87. Labatt's used his Passenger song in one of their ads a few years ago.