Anyone know ?

What the win/loss stats are with Marshall?

and as far as wins and losses when was the last time we won a road game?

I bet its staggering.

I bet Marshall S U C K S !!!! cats are done. DIE HARD STATUS NOW AT ALL TIME LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

2004: 9-8-1
2005: 5-13
2006: 0-4

Overall regular season: 14-25-1

I think it's twelve road losses in a row.

Marshall is 14-25-1, .363 winning percentage (9-8-1 2004, 5-13 2005, 0-4 2006) -- 0-1 in the playoffs (2004 semi-final loss to the Argos).

Oski wee Wee,

He needs time to gel... gel?

I think we are jelly by now...
Thanks for the quick info folks....sad indeed.

October 2004.

Pretty sad when your most exciting and effective offense comes from your defense for 2 games in a row!!Pathetic.

12 Consecutive road losses by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. They haven’t won away from Ivor Wynne Stadium since downing the Ottawa Renegades on Oct. 30, 2004.