Anyone Know?

Does anyone know what the best bar to go to is to watch the game tommorow?

Philthy McNasty's on the mountian seems to be the unofficial away game hang-out for cat's fans.
I'd assume there would be a bunch of people heading up after they get back from the trip to the game in the evening also.

judging from the ticat towels, its more quasi official rather than unofficial

Yeah, the towel would make it rather official.

There's also The Endzone which is located in the plaza at King st. E. and Rosedale.

It's a new sportsbar with tons of TVs. Looks like it's set up to watch every NFL game at once. Lots of TVs!

I think it's a reborn version of the well established Cricket's which has been around a while. The Endzone is considerably larger.

will they have the cats game on tho or will it just be all baseball and world cup?