anyone know where I can find Photos of Mac new Stadium?

Anyone have a Link to Photos or Video of Mac new Stadium?

I want see how see coming along

Some stuff here:

Look like they should be laying the Turf soon.

Just drove by it today actually...I don't have any pictures but it doesnt look like they will be laying turf down anytime soon...the field is mud right now and not even smoothed out, looks like they have just started putting the maroon seats in...the middle of the stands has been completed with seats and the next sections over have just started...looks to me like still a while before the turf will go down...although still under construction it is shaping up to be a nice looking stadium

These are good.

[url=] ... ll+stadium[/url]

Google Earth

Thanks Look like great Venue

Great looking stadium, a long time coming. It's good to see that Mac has been putting more effort into their sports programs and having a lot of private sector backing doesn't hurt either.
$30 million, wow, that is the same cost as Ron Joyce's new boat, or should I say ship.

Based on these pictures it does look nice but what i don't understand and we see it elsewhere with University outdoor stadiums is seating on one side only. If you are building it find the money to wrap the field of play with seats. This can look really bad if the tv broadcasters choose to point their cameras away from the seating. What you usually see are homes, parking lots or empty fields. This is similar in Halifax, Waterloo and now London. Maybe i am wrong and they are building more seating but based on the pictures it looks to be another one sided seat stadium.

When they play at IWS they only used the north side stands anyways.

I agree with PepperTom! Some universities have excellent crowds on gameday but the cameras are postioned on the grandstand side and you don't see the crowd on TV!

Hell! When Bishop's was a powerhouse in the late 80's and early 90's and were on TSN alot, you'd be watching a game and staring at cows... COWS... in a farm field!

Presentation is everything! They should put the cameras across the field from the grandstand so the TV viewer can see people... not cows!

Absolutely! Presentation is something that lacks both at the pro and CIS levels. having cameras on the same side as where the fans are is just plain stupid, and not to mention, makes your product look bad.

Money, Money, Money. IF you build on both sides you have to have infrastructure on both sides, plumbing, heating, power, concessions, your $30 Million becomes %45 - $60 million very fast.

and the point is...? all i was getting at was that if you are going to build it then invest now at the cost today and not have to build it 20 years from now. leeing, your right, the infrastructure is on the side the seating is on.
Therefore when TSN, Sportsnet or any other media production company shoots a game they will position the cameras facing the parking lot. Vantage point, wiring and other factors will dictate how best to cover the game (the field of play) without much thought on esthetics's. Maybe i am wrong but we'll see


"No, we didn't tape their walk-through!"

"Oh yeah? The vet was elbow deep and hit a lens!"

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