anyone know what NFL team printers tried out for?

dose anyone know what NFL team casey printers tried out for in 2003? i thought it was the bengals, but cant seem to find out on any sites, doe anyone know?

maybe it was cleveland, i'm not sure, help would be very apriciated!

........think it was the Los Angeles Raiders.......I remember a quote when he returned: "it was like I had the Anaheim Coliseum field to myself'.......

First of all The Bengals reside in Cincinatti (i cant spell that sorry) and the Browns are from Clevleand. Also there is no NFL team in Los Angeles. The last team in Los Angeles was knows as the Rams who now play in St Louis. The Raiders are from Oakland. Just so everybody knows that.

.......I'm hoping 86 was your birth year, 'cause I'm going to spare you a wicked toungue lashing........first of all , he didn't say the bengals were from cleveland...........secondly it was a sarcastic joke, the LA Raiders and the coliseum thing...........thirdly, the last NFL team to reside in LA wasn't the Rams, it was the Raiders, who went there from Oakland and then went back to Oakland when Crazy Al Davis didn't get his sweet new arena paid for by the anaheim taxpayers......three stirkes, your out............thank goodness you didn't get snippity or I'da had to take you behind the barn..................

way to stick it to the ti cats fan

lol its not my fault thats all from before my time. I was just saying what i know to be true. And some of what i said was true. I wasnt tryignt o be mean or anything it just seemed like the one guy though that the Bengals were from Clevland so I just wanted to make sure he knew otherwise. Im not the type of person to start a fight. And i wasnt trying to make fun of him. Just to get that straitened out.

.........come here......(RedandWhite grabs tf86 in a headlock and knuckle-rubs his head).......I know you were'nt being uppity, just had to smack you.....

i didn’t say the bengals for from cleveland i said " i think he played for the bengals" and in the next post"maybe it was clevland" meaning maybe it was cleveland that he had the tryout in! dose anyone know where it was?