Anyone know this?

After all the horrible calls by the refs tonight, is there anywhere I can go to complain about how the refs acted?

How many horrible calls are you talking about? I know everyone is crying about the slight facemask that started the beer throwing but what else?

...walk to the nearest street corner and bring your yelling voice...

Call the Children's Help line, because you're acting like one.

Seriously, don't blame the refs...there was also a missed facemask on Geroy. Get over it.

I didn't see all this complaining about the refs when they handed the Riders a bunch of wins earlier in the season.

Actually the refs had a pretty good game, other than a couple missed facemasks, on on Geroy and one on Grant (bigger because it would have negated a fumble, but Riders didn't deserve to win the game regardless)

They allowed too much extra curricular stuff to go on after the whistle tonight, but they didn't affect the outcome.

Ya for once I thought the reffing was good but it normally is when......oh whats his name the head ref tonight. He has got a good solid crew

ya i dont get it... that wasnt even a huge facemask, he just kinda touched it...

Jake Ireland?

a facemask is a facemask! the rulebook clearly states that if you grab the helmet or top of the facemask it’s a penalty. that is what he did!

i dont think he grabbed anything. His fingers brushed the facemask.

I disagree to me it looked like he pull since Grants head came down. I am surprised that people aren't complaining about the Lloyd hit on Peirce. I think it was fine because Peirce ducked his head down so there really wasn't anything Lloyd could have done. Had Peirce not turtled up sideways and just lowered his shoulders or slide he would have been fine.

Not to mention that Pierce lost his QB protection as soon as he began to run. If that had been called roughing the passer it would have been a terrible call.

in my oppinion fairly evenly called game tonight, one or 2 calls could have gone either way, but all in all it was a good game

For the most part the refs did good tonight.

I can't get the purolator live play-by-play to load to look at the penalties, but I do remember a lot of dirty play by the Lions. I remember at least 3 unnessesary roughness calls, one on our injured punter. Then the facemask non-call (he brushed the facemask, then grabbed it). The riders getting one for a tiny bump out of bounds.

I'm not complaining about the refs. I'm complaining about the dirty play by the Lions. They have a history of it, and it doesn't reflect well on them.

ya and the riders are so perfect and they skip through flowers with their unicorns, and there is always a rainbow...

alright guys that is enough for one night lay off

Well if you watched the Calgary game good old Jake showed his senile ways yet again. It was a Calgary first down and he signaled it first down for the Argos. LOL You know at that momment I was thinking of my buddy Ro.