Anyone Know the History of Forbidden Cheer????

Anyone Know the History of Forbidden Cheer????
Who Started it
why is it popular

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It a Good Start

Its all right here:

I recall it starting not as a cheer but as a reply. Argo fans use to come en-masse to the games and sit mostly together. They would start their cheer "Argoooooooooooos" and the Hamilton fans would shout in unison "Sk". It seems that less Argo fans use to come for the games and it pretty much start as some of our fans shouting "Argooooooooooooooos" just so others could yell "Sks" Just kind of evolved into a stand alone cheer. At least that is how remember it, but some of those games are clouded by mickeys of CC!

I also remember it starting in this way, as a response to those Blue and White Cro-Magnon mental midget fans' brilliant cheer "Arrrgoooooooosss". The smarter, more physically attractive Hamilton types just completed their sentence for them.

LMAO. I remember that too.

You have it right Matelot. And truth is it was said with lots of energy but no malice. It all began in the 60's, a time when the CATS ruled and the Argo's, despite some quality players, just couldn't keep up. It was an intense rivalry, but aside from the effect of the aformentioned mickeys, a time filled with good natured kidding. I understand Bob's desire to see this thing end. We live in a much more politically correct time, and people take offense at the drop of the hat. I couldn't give a hoot about the use of that particluar word, but I do miss an era when football fans repsected each other, and where loyalty to your team was a badge of honour. Thank heavens we didn't have internet forums in the 60's. Cheers

If people think that the chant is rude, thank heavens they don't sing the little songs with substituted words from the originals. They were sung with great gusto by entire sections. Some of them were alter hymns even.

The next one banned will be"Please win a game"
no laughter!!!!!

OMG (Gosh).
Does this mean my family can't wear our "Forbidden Chant" T-Shirts to Labour Day?

I really don't want to open up this can of worms again but I have to. I have found historic reference for the word s**ks as we use it in the chant.

I will try to keep this short. The other day, the wife and I visited Niagara on the Lake for lunch and a walk-about. Being in no hurry we decided to visit historic Fort George, Sir Isaac Brock's headquarters during the war of 1812.

A young man was showing everyone the art of musketry using the standard "Brown Bess" of the British Army of the time. He explained the short comings, ie: short range, inaccuracy, time to load etc. His first shot rang out loud and true. His second misfired and did on at least 3 more tries before firing.

With a big grin on his face, he turned to the audience an said in a loud and clear voice "If you didn't think the weapon S**CKED before, it also misfired a lot"

There, historic proof, the men of the 41st Regiment of Foot, circa 1812 used the phrase. One can envision them standing on the ramparts yelling at the invading Americans "Yankees S**k" :lol:

Why is it popular??? BECAUSE IT'S TRUE!!! :lol: