Anyone know the CFL record?

Anyone know who holds the record for reaching a 1000 yards receiving in the least amount of games? Just curious!


probably terry vaughn

I could not tell you but I do wish they would post all-time stats

Yeah that's a good idea ro1313, is there somewhere we can air our suggestions?

I believe there is a "contact us" link on the main page

Just a guess, but I would say Stegall in 2002 when he had 1900 yards in receiving.

Website i found doesn’t say how many games it took to reach the milestone, but Terry Greer holds the record for most 100 yard games in a season with 11

Allen Pitts!

for good stats, try Soudog's Site, search it on google, it has some pretty cool stats

I believe it is Allen Pitts!

Geroy Simon reached 1000 early in his 9th game last year... he had 974 after 8 games... and put up another 149 in his 9th game... so 1123 after 9... so i think it might be him... because at that point he was on pace to break the record for most receiving yards

Mookie has over 2000 yards back in 1998, so he would of had to of reached 1000 pretty early.

not necessarily... Geroy had 1123 yards half way through the season last year... but only managed 627 in the second half of the season... all depends on whether they were fairly consistant over the season or went through hot and cold patches...

i'm sure it's one of these 4 though... Allen Pitts, Terry Greer, Derrell Mitchell or Geroy Simon.... and if i were a betting man i'd put my money on it being Geroy... 1123 in the first nine games is very impressive and very quick...