Anyone know status on Rambo`s injury

No updates, i believe that type of tackle should not be allowed on a receiver, too bad for Rambo and the stamps, he`s a great player, Bruno, maybe the stamps should go out to injury all of your top receivers, Simon, Jackson and tackle them like that and injury your star players, AND SEE HOW YOU WOULD LIKE IT, WALLY!

...out indefinately, he's getting an MRI today I think and that should reveal the length of healing time required...

...I don't blame Glatt or harbour any ill feelings as a result of the tackle...sure it wasn't a legal tackle and it should have been flagged but Glatt isn't a dirty player, it was just one of those player mistakes that happens from time to time...heck, he took a knee a short distance away and bowed his head in prayer for Rambo right afterwards....these things happen...

The problem I have with play, it happened right in front of the ref and no call. It's bad for the league when the superstars get injured on reckless plays. Should be a 1 game suspension. Doesn't matter if he meant it or not, a illegal tackle ,seriously injured a player.

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I don't think there should be a suspension, or even an ejection, for the play, because there is no reason to believe that there was any intent to injure.

Should have been a flag, though.

They need to just remove the horsecollar penalty.

The reason I say this is because the refs have no idea what a horsecollar is. They never call it. No matter how many players get takcled that way the refs have no idea.

I cannot believe that! Any two bit Fool who was looking at that play would have known that is an ILLEGAL tackle.

What they hell do they pay those refs for?

I've seen that tackle many times over the past few years, and have yet to recall them flagging anyone for it. I think for the most part the players don't horsecollar intentionally, but it's still a very dangerous play and I can recall 2 or 3 season ending injuries have come from them.

According to the rule book, a horse collar tackle is when a player is tackled by grabbing the shoulder pad, not by grabbing the jersey. I am not sure whether or not the shoulder pad was grabbed or if it was just the jersey. Maybe the stripes got the call right. Again not 100% sure either way.

Right, it is grabbing the shoulder pad; though one of the announcers said that a horsecaller was grabbing the back of the guy’s jersey.
Hard to say what he got, though it looked like he had a firm grasp on the pads, and I doubt he’d have been able to gain that much control over him by grabbing his shirt.
I did see it called a couple of times against the Tiger-cats the first year it was implemented. Once was by JoJuan Armour; I think the other may have been Dwight Anderson. One of them was questionable, though obviously not challengeable.
Since then, nothing.

..if it's acceptable to grab the collar of the jersy but not the shoulder pads then the rule is flawed as it opens up discretionary should be "neither grab thee thy collar of thy opponent's coloured garment or armour underneath" or do away with the horsecollar infraction althogether...if refs are not calling it because they fear they'll get it wrong then help the poor stripes out Mr. Higgins and make it all or none...

...An update on Rambo is that the first MRI performed yesterday doesn't look good, probable surgery and definately he'll be placed on the 9 game list...a second analysis is being done today to confirm the results of the first...

"(j) Tackling an opponent by grabbing the inside collar of the side or back of the
shoulder pads,"

This is quoted from the CFL rulebook. Again, I don't know if the shoulder pads were grabbed, haven't found film of the play. The bottom line however is not whether a rule was broken or bent but the extent of the injury. Up to this point Rambo has been Calgarys best receiver IMHO and he was having a career year up to now, it would be a shame to lose that to injury.

can we just all agree that jason jimenez should have been kicked out for his hit a couple years ago..and anything dirty that B.C does should be attributed to the kind of coach they have that condones that.....even though it was a calagry player who got a career ending injury it still bugs me that jimenez is playing

I don't think it merits a suspension (considering the penalty wasn't called), but maybe a fine (if they can fine players for penalties like that). Whether he grabbed the shoulder pads or the jersey is arguing over semantics. Point is he brought him to the ground by grabbing his collar.

Not semantics at all, grabbing the jersey is not a penalty, end of story.

...well, from bad to worse, the second MRI done late yesterday has confirmed that KYR will require season-ending knee surgery...

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But tackling by grabbing the collar is - whether it's the collar of the jersey or the shoulder pads is a matter of semantics, IMO.

Wow! Bad news for Rambo.

The Stamps are fortunate to be deep at the receiver position. I have no doubt that he will be missed, however there are some very capable receivers who will be counted on.

I reiterate: Those refs are pathetic for not calling that.

I hate the Stamps to the bone. They are my least favourite team in the league. I love it when they lose. Losing Rambo may be an advantage for the rest of the league, BUT . . .


I don't understand how they could not call that one. I have no idea how that horse collar could have been missed.

It is baffling and pathetic that the refs were not paying any attention to the ball carrier during that play.

It was a textbook horse collar, complete with season-ending injury.

I cannot believe some guys are talking about fining the player responsible when it is clearly the ref(s) that should fined.

Have some respect for the league and pay attention. Too blatant, no excuses.

Semantics or not, unless the shoulder pad was grabbed, it was not a penalty and again I have not seen the replay so I can't say whether the pads were grabbed. That is why they invented tear away jerseys.

Nonetheless, it is a shame to see a guy who was having a great early season lose it to injury. Hopefully if he is gone for the year, he can pick up where he left off next season.

As far as I could tell, it was a pretty obvious horse collar tackle and I don’t think it’s a play that is really hard to see. There for sure should have been a horse collar penalty on the play. I can’t say for certain if it was intentional, only Javier Glatt knows that or not, but if the officials keep neglecting calling a penalty on the play than you’re opening the door to have players potentially abuse what ends up being a dirty tackle.

I’d like to think most players have more class than horse tackling someone with intent, but I’m sure there’s some out there that won’t bat an eye doing it. I’m surprised more people aren’t clamouring for a suspension for Glatt considering I recall an uproar over a Brandon Browner horse collar last year to a mediocre receiver who didn’t even make the Riders roster this year.