Anyone know state of Calvillo or Montreal for that matter?

I'm getting the feeling that les Als may be a quite different team this year but I haven't gathered the facts. Anybody know the state of this franchise?

Wife's conditon has stabilized. Some turmoil with the team as the Popp acrimony hasnt played itself out yet- as the Strickland release shows.
Their new HC hasnt seen a CFL game in his life other than on video.
All depends on how many games AC can play but at his age and mental state there are more big questions in MTL than here.

It is early to say, obviously. However, here are some March musings:

They have brought in Reggie Hunt, Tay Cody, and Tony Tompkins among others (the re-signing of Chip Cox is big for them). That said, Zontar is correct re the questions re Popp, HC Marc Trestman, and Calvillo.

They are in transition (particularly offense) and the issue of how Trestman adjusts to the Canadian game is going to be critical. Their offensive line has BIG concerns. I'm not sold on their receiving corps when you get past Cahoon and Kerry Watkins either. Jarrett Payton is going to have to have a breakout year for the Als to be in contention vs. the Blue Team or the Bombers.

If Hamilton is to make the playoffs this year, the logical team for them to surpass would be the Als, IMHO. Our collective question marks err on the side of youth, not age, all things being equal. That IS an advantageous position to be in vis a vis Montreal.

Either the Als are going to get it together and surprise the concensus of "experts" or it's going to be another year of decline from the lofty heights of East dominance they have been accustomed to.

Oski Wee Wee,

has anyone picked up strickland?

Not to my knowledge; I think he is this year’s Jackie Mitchell. A once-great linebacker whose time has come and gone. Happens to all at some point.

Even though Montreal is going thru changes, you know they will still win 8 games, be competitive and make the playoffs.

Why can’t the Cats be like this?

The same goes with the Argos. They have a mish mash of people, and always find a way to make the playoffs.

Except for a couple years in the 90s, we haven’t been that good since the 80s and even then we only have 1 cup in 5 appearances

I’m really getting frustrated. We have lost a ton of people on defense, haven’t signed any defensive players and we think that we are going to be good this year?

At least I have 1 thing working for me, I will get 25% off in 09!

I agree very strongly that our best hope of making the playoffs is beating out Montreal. I hope it doesn't even come down to that. I want a home play off game. :slight_smile: