Anyone know Seattle?

Does anyone live in Seattle or know it well? I’m heading there in early July to watch Canada’s Gold Cup matches, and I’m wondering about a couple things … like, where is it nice to stay, where in Seattle should I avoid, what is there to do, how is public transit and how much is it … etc?
Any info would be great! Cheers.

As always the East side is a place to avoid…dont ask me how I know. The east side everywhere is bad. East Vancouver, East Detroit, East Quebec, you name it.

That’s a good point, East Calgary isn’t the nice part of the city either … I wonder why it’s always the east side? Must have something to do with the sun :wink:

Its because the prevailing winds in most cities in North America are from the west. Historically, the heavy industries would always locate on the east side so as to not have the smoke and soot from their factories drift over the city. The rich folks put their houses upwind and far away from the factories.