Anyone know Seattle?

Does anyone live in Seattle or know it well? I'm heading there in early July to watch Canada's Gold Cup matches, and I'm wondering about a couple things ... like, where is it nice to stay, where in Seattle should I avoid, what is there to do, how is public transit and how much is it ... etc?
Any info would be great! Cheers.

Cool … being not-too-rich, I’ll know to avoid that certain restaurant!

Just type in the word Seattle in google and i'm sure that all types of tourist info will pop up for you.

Yeah, but googling it usually leads to a bunch of hype, and travel agent sort of stuff. I'm looking for a first-hand account of the pros AND cons ...

Seattle is a great city! Not sure where the event is that you are going to, but if it near downtown, you might want to check out the Kings Inn (think its an "Inn", know for sure it is a King....)

Transit is not bad for an American City.

Pike Place Market is great! The Athenian Cafe in the market is one of my favourite breakfast places, it is open early in the morning and draught beer is half price until 9am......, ah america...

As for safety, generally not to bad, thought the chinatown skid row are is not the best at night.