Anyone know of any CFL Fantasy Football Leagues?

I have been searching the internet and have come up empty. If anyone knows of any could they email me. I love fantasy football. Sorry if this is a repeat topic. I'm new to these forumes. Thanks.

I've been looking for a while my self. The only one I've seen is with FSN. They ran one last year, not sure if there doing it again though. Other than that, I haven't seen anything.

I saw this topic in the other “Football Leagues” section but figured it would get more viewers here.

Are there any CFL Football fantasy sites out there? I know FSN did one last year but its not yet up for this year.

I’m trying to find a decent website so I can use it for the fantasy league that I plan to create.

One of the biggest reasons the NFL is so popular is fantasy football. If the CFL can jump on this gambling bandwagon, its popularity will definitely grow as well.

If you love Fantasy Football, just look up Turkeybends posts! He has lots and lots of Fantasies! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sorry Turkey, couldn't resist! :wink: :wink:

look at the top of the site there is fantasy football...

look at the top of the site there is fantasy football...