Anyone know of a good source for TiCat shoes?

You see some real sketchy ones! Anyone have a source they recomend?

You should try to get a hold of Dane . I'm sure he must have a pair or two hanging around in his closet that he won't be wearing anymore . :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:


I'm a size 12 though.

Howsare, Santos -Knox, 2 Kellys, Dunbar, Ungerer, Rolle, Hills..

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If you can find the matching right shoe...


LeMar Durant probably has more than a few pairs with hardly a scratch or a scuff mark on them .


So that's a no?

Post of the year nominee.


Are you looking for Ticat-logo sneakers, or game-worn cleats?


Ticats logo sneakers.


Because i have everything else!:rofl:

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then maybe you should become a manufacturer of shoes with sports logos on them.

because I'm most curious who you thought would make "TiCat" shoes.

If i could do that i wouldn't be asking for advice would i?
There are many on social media but hard to weed out the scams. I'm looking for someone who's had a good experience.

scams? scams for what? tiget cat shoes?

what are you looking for?

(this is one of your best requests I've seen since I started on this board).

Are you looking for normal shoes with a tiger cats logo on it? Are you looking for tiger-cat manufactured shoes? (no sports teams manufacture shoes).

The fact that you are referring to social media but weeding out scams....well, that's amazing.

I'd absolutely love to see these tiger-cat shoes scams.

You are the best Garney!

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ok Garney, you are a tiger-cat fan so I'll give ya some teaching.

China manufactures very cheap junk. The stuff is so cheap that it can be customized. "retailers" out of china, but look like they are in north america, will sell you these chinese shoes. Maybe that's why you are considering them a scam.

those shoes you picture above. They can be printed with a million different images on them (seriously, more than a million). You want daffy duck imagine, go for it. You want cocacola, go for it. You want tiger-cats, go for it.

The retailer is able to use software to make that picture you are looking at. It takes the "base" shoe and puts an imagine on it. In this case, a tiger-cat imagine. Could just as easily be a sailor moon cartoon imagine. It's all the same.

So what you'll see is literally DOZENS of chinese wholesale retailers showing you the same shoes out of china. Some may have different logo's and artwork, as again, the options are infinite.

So the source for tiger cat shoes is China. and the place you buy them from are simply a middle man who put the imagine on the shoe that made you want to buy it.

When you pay for it, and it comes in the mail, you'll note the "image" on your shoes has been cheaply imprinted.

There will be a number of various "base" shoes, all chinese manufactured, and all ready to get cheap images imprinted on them to sell to silly north american customers.

in the end, make an order. But none are "scams" outside of they are selling you shitty chinese shoes with shitty imprinting on them.

oh, star fashion shop, the company you link above, is from Yiwu, Yunnan, China .

Exactly. That's why many of them are scams. I'm looking for someone who has successfully ordered them from a source. Have you?

none are scams. or they are all scams.

what makes you consider a scam?

do you think you'll buy the shoes and receive nothing?

do you think you'll buy the shoes and receive poor quality?

what do you consider a scam? you are buying cheap knockoff unlicensed chinese junk. I'm not sure if that's the scam you are referring to?