Anyone know about the Pass Interference rule?

In the Calgary game this weekend Ireland called a PI penalty that didn't make any sense to me. Ireland called it "pass interference on an uncatchable ball". From everything I know, if it's uncatchable it is no longer interference, but illegal contact on a receiver?

Is this some weird change to the CFL rule, or did Ireland just miss it?

Bud Steen, the referee made the announcement like you say. Pass interference on an uncatchable ball is a ten yard penalty and an automatic first down.

Just reading the rule book online and it is deemed as pass interference even if it is uncatchable.

That's right. And phantom pass interference calls are spot fouls.

On an uncatchable pass, it is a ten-yard penalty, but not an automatic first down.

Pass interference on a catchable pass is automatic first down at the point of foul.

Just checking the rule book and found this:

Team B Interference
(i) If interference is ruled accidental – L10 PLS and AFD for Team A.
(ii) If interference is ruled deliberate – AFD awarded to Team A at PF or 10
yards in advance of PLS (whichever is closer to Team B Goal Line). If the infraction
occurs in the Team B Goal Area — AFD to Team A at Team B’s one-yard line.
(iii) By Team B on a convert attempt – attempt repeated by Team A at Team B’s
one-yard line.

It does not specify but does say this regarding uncatchable:

b If a player commits pass interference when a forward pass is deemed
uncatchable, it shall be ruled as “Pass Interference.?[/b]What I am taking from that is that any deliberate interference by the defense will result in an automatic first down. I have seen it called this way, and have not see in called the other.

You are so close, ned. The very next line under (c) says "Penalty: L10". That means a ten-yard penalty, no automatic first down.

Of course, unless Team A needs more than 10 yards for a first down, the penalty will give them a first down.