Anyone Interested In The World Cup This Year?

Would have loved a Brazil Argentina final, sigh

Or even a Spain Mexico final.

Or an Aussie Portugal final.

Although a togoghana or angola final would have been fun, heh heh

but at lease england and usa didnt make it.

rather see England win it, and Canada and Australia make the 16. it would be cool to see a England Vs. Scotland final, or Aus vs. Can.

got to go with Italy, they beat Australia, but the "right" thing to do is to go for that the that beat you, besides, I just can't root for France. :thdn:

right now I think Canada needs to concentrate on qualifying before they plan to make the finals.

But I have heard there will be a new ranking system announced after this World Cup that will make recent matches count alot more comared to old ones. (recenty as in 1 year).

Here it is.

[url=] ... bName=main[/url]

It doesn't have all the details because as I said, it hasn't been fully announced yet. These are just the basics.

Italy won in a shootout. 2-1.

I just have to wonder what Zidane was thinking. He headbutted the Italian in his his chest. He got a red card. What a bad way to end his career.

At Half Time Sandro DeAngilas Was Interviewed And He Said That He Wanted Italy To Win But The One Thing He Take Would Be If The Game Went To Penilty Shots. Well Either Way At Least Italy Won, I Was In Little Italy At The Time And Everyone Went Absolutely Crazy.