Anyone Interested In The World Cup This Year?

For Some Reason Football Fans Hate Europien Football, But Is Anyone Here Going To Be Watching The World Cup?

Personally I'm A Large Italian Supporter (Viva Azzuri), I'm Sure Kanga Will Be Cheering On The Aussies. Will Any One Else Be Fallowing This Year?

Nope, Hate the offside rule, and hate it where a player gets "brushed" then they fall down androll around on the ground like they were shot until the Referee Yellow cards the offender, and then "poof" magically cured back to health.

Yeah, thats annoying.

Soccer puts me to

I also hate the anouncers with their

the world cup is OKAY it's pretty sweet though

I like the specticle more than the sport. Yes for sure that antiquated offside rule is a relic of a 19th century thought process, and the diving is absolutely shameful. what I dislike most about futbol though is that if your down one goal in the second half that's it it's over the other team just puts all their men on Defense in the back end and it's almost impossible to get in anywhere near the goal with the middle clogged like that. yawn.

im following argentina!

Too boring…you’d think with a net 20 feet wide there would be more scoring. 0-0 ties…I’d rather watch paint dry…or have a few wobbly pops watching paint dry.

I wonder if the mrs painted the kitchen yet?

Soccer is my favorite sport in the world and right behind it is the CFL.
Sure the diving drives me nuts but refs are starting to card them for it (not as much as I'd like to see). The offside rule doesn't bother me, it's just the fact that the linesman don't seem to understand when it is and isn't offside.
I'm a big fan of France but they've embarrassed me in 2002 and I doubt they'll go past the round robin this year.
Some of the best soccer games I've seen have been 0-0 games.
There I think I've replied to all the points related in this thread.

to put it simply, I don't give a ****! rather have my own imaginary world cup thanks.

Thanks LionsFan, It's Good To See That Someone Is Interested In It. The Thing The Bugs Me To No End Is People Who Listen To Don Charry And Thing They Understand What A Drive In Soccer Is Better Then The Fifa Oficials Who Have Not Only Been Playing Competetive Soccer But Also Reffing For A Number Of Years.

The Thing The People Don't Realize Is That It's Often Difficult To Keep Your Balence When Your Leaning One Direction And You Have A Foot In The Air Kicking A Ball And The Defenders Pushing You Down. I'm Not Going To Defend The Fact That There's No Diving In Soccer, But Because Of Fifa Inforcing It More And The NHL's Increase In Penalties There's More Diving In The New NHL. However In The NHL A Dive That Decieves The Refs Results In A 2 Minute Advantage Whereas In Soccer It's Just A Return Of Pocession. Hence If The Player That's Being Fouled Doesn't Dive Then He's Not Going To Get A Freekick Awarded Dispite Being Fouled.

I Started Reffing Minor Soccer In My Area And I Got In A Situation With Another Ref And The Convienor Where There Was Disagreement Over What An Off Side Is. Later That Month The Convienor Found And Posted And Artical The Was In The Toronto Star Saying That 70% Of The Coachs In The GTA Didn't Know How To Call An Off Side.

I'd rather play Super Mario Strikers.

I like soccer. I play soccer. Sure, the refs are bad, but they are in all sports I find. (Some worse than others though).

Im cheering for England because I have a lot of cousins there.

England haven't looked very strong these past 2 games, they need to wake up if they're going to try and beat the likes of Italy, Czech, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and even the Deutch.

Actually This Is The First Time In History That England Have Won Their First Two Games In The World Cup Finals. So They're Doing Better Then They Have Done Before. Plus If They Finish Second They'll Draw Against Germany First And The Only Other Hard Team That They'll Face Up Untill The Last Round Is The Neatherlands So Don't Count Beckham And The Boys Out Just Yet.

Always consider it soccer but I hate the game cause it puts me to sleep right away.

i prefer the indoor variety

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Canada like the U.S. are nations formed by immigrants who left their homelands for whatever the reason may be. Many times to start a new life...they throw off the things from their childhood. And you can include forms of recreation in there. Soccer has just never done well in North America on a pro. level and I don't think it will.

Having said that......No, I don't watch the WC. Outdoor Soccer just bores me! Indoor is more my speed.

Hey bamboo CAN YOU STOP WRITING WITH CAPS ALL THE TIME??? Thank you. As for the world c*ck of soccer, no I don't give a damn. There is never anything called a come-back in these games and you always feel that the game is lop-sided from the start. And these people who fall to the ground after being brushed... they are athleets!!!!!! They can take some punishment!!!!! Ever think of that Mr. Ref??? No, I dont belive this crap unless they have a broken leg or something lol...

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