Anyone interested in a fantasy CFL league ?

I’m Definitely Interested!

Id be interested

I think we might need 1 more person for this.

I know a few people that would love to beat me in a friendly competition. I'm in.


I'm back. I'm not dead.

I will be running the Fantasy Huddle again this year, but I don't think we should close it off to one fantasy league. I think fantasy football is an awesome way to get more into the CFL and I wouldn't want to discourage anybody from persuing it.

As the Huddle and this league are pretty different in how the teams are picked and the scoring these leagues could co-exist.

To explain for those who weren't here last year, the Fantasy Huddle has a draft 'style' where you pick players at the beginning of the season but the players aren't mutually exclusive. Every player can pick Kerry Joseph for example. The twist is that you are stuck with those players until mid-season. You are also allowed to pick a back-up for each position.

We do this because of the few teams in the league (and starting quarterbacks!) and we want to be as inclusive as possible for the amount of players.

I will post the rules and a sign-up thread as we get a little closer to the beginning of the season. Good luck with this league (I would love to play as well but I doubt I will be able to, what with work, this league and FSN.)

Glad to see you are running it again Fooks. :thup:

Darts are sharpened, and Dartboard is refinished and ready to go! :wink: :wink:

Rider fans, we go for a clean sweep of the playoff spots in Fooks' Huddle this year...

Seems I owe Fooks an apology. For some reason I thought it was Roughy who ran the Fantasy Huddle. :oops:

...that's okay...we don't expect EE fans to have their wits about them 'round here...

Does that mean you are picking Marcus Crandel as your QB for the pool? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't make a habit of answering questions intended for jm but this one is easy. Not darn likely! Anyways, does Marcus Crandell have to be the fantasy QB of the year to be deemed effective for the Riders at pivot? The simple answer is no folks.


You may as well go for another fantasy league, most of you dont stand a chance in the Huddle this year.... :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

This will be my rookie year in the Huddle. I suppose everyones in the other pool. Im looking forward to it. More info please pool runners!