anyone here from brantford?

im just curious how many ticat/cfl fans here are from brantford???

if u are from brantford, do u attend alot of ticat / cfl games a season?

OH, and if u are, how old are u ( if u dont mind answering )?

I am... and yes.

I grew up in Hamilton but had to move to Brantford to be closer to where my Dad worked. I went to high school (82-86) at BCI. When I graduated I came back to Hamilton to go to Mohawk.

My Wife's from Brantford, so if I never moved there I never would have met her :smiley:

I grew up in Simcoe but live in Toronto now and didn't know why more people didn't go to the games.

I grew up watching Ticats football and was totally miffed my dad wouldn't take me to games.

I much prefer IWS and the Ticat game day experience and to Rogers Centre, I'm season ticket holder for both teams and while the Argo's play some good ball sometimes and the Rogers Centre is 5 minutes from my condo, there's nothing that beats IWS and the Black and Gold on Game Day!!!

I would love to see the cats doing a PR campaign to reach out to the towns of southern Ontario. Go to a couple of the more popular bars in each town, give them tickets and a jersey to a couple of games to be given to customers and get CFL ball back in those towns.

Simcoe could be a Ticat town, with only a player appearance here and a jersey and a ticket there!


I'm from Brantford. I went to BCI during some of the years Glovesave attended.

I have been a season ticket holder for the past 3 years but couldn't get to any games last year so I have dropped the season's tickets for this year.

I will most likely go to the Labour Day game and maybe one or two more. Shift work and home life have gotten to busy to fit in 9 home games. But I will always be a Tiger Cats fan.

Some of the most interesting burger joints in Southern Ontario are in Brantford. It will be nice to see the down town revitalized as the sight lines of the river are beautiful. As much as I'd like to see Brantford folks supporting the TiCats, I'd also like to see them get an OHL team.

The university downtown has done a lot towards the revitalization of Brantford...
i dont think that we could support an OHL team though... although i suppose the Blast did get a fair attendance... maybe it could work

as for interesting burger joints... San Franos has decent stuff....
but Admirals Submarines is where its at for burgers and crazy portions at hole in the wall locations.

(If you're ever in town, check out Sammy's Rec Room on Mt. Pleasant st. off of colborne.... best food in town.
Great food
Cheap Beer
S*** Parking...


Does the MNR still have the trout ponds in Mt. Pleasant, got some nice trout there years back.

Funny you and Okham mentioned the OHL, here is a link from the Brantford Expositor talking about just that:

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Back in the late 70's early 80's Brantford had the Alexanders of the OHL, some pretty good names came through there in a short period of time like Mark Hunter, Bob Probert, Dave Gagner, Allen Bester. I think the city could support an OHL team if a new areana was built as now the league requires a minimum 4,000 with private boxes, something the Civic Centre doesn't have.

As for the trout ponds in Mt. Pleasant, last I heard, MNR stopped running it and the county took it over but that was a while ago, not sure if it is still open.

Brantford's population is greater than some of the other established OHL cities. What's more, if Brantford folks attend Tiger Cat games, maybe Hamilton folks would attend Brantford OHL games. Mississauga is up for sales and Brampton is probably not too far behind.