Anyone here don't think a new stadium means anything

Just looking on the Arizona Cardinals web site. Now this team has not had a stellar record for years and years on end, in fact, I can't remember when they last made the playoffs. But they have a brand new spanking stadium and guess what - season tickets sold out. And probably getting a Super Bowl to boot soon enough.

But I know, I know, Ivor Wynne is the perfect stadium in the perfect location and we will have a waiting list for season tickets like the Cardinals soon enough.
Yeh, right, let's see what happens after this year with our season ticket base. :lol:

Hey, Earl... Let me play Devil's Advocate for a second...

How do you propose to fund a new stadium?

Fair enough JustaGuy. That I don't know but I think that maybe somehow, if people in all sectors care enough about the Tiger Cats, that maybe we could find even 1/5 of the cost of the Cardinals $400 mill plus funds here. Someone or people cared deeply about the Cardinals there to make it happen, but do these types of people here care enough about the Cats to make this happen for this community? I would certainly hope so.

Again, I like Ivor Wynne to be honest but this stadium as it is will never take us to anything like a waiting list for seasons tickets and the CFL clamouring to put the GC here as often as possible.

Earl presents some good arguments for a new stadium. Personally, I think IWS is fine. It needs a retrofit and it would be Class-A.

Look at what Montreal is doing with Perival Molson. An aging stadium - arguably in much worst despair than IWS - is on its way to becoming a modern, ideal facility.

I think new stadiums are often overrated, too. Sure, they spark an initial peak, but after a few years the novelty wears off and they sit half empty...

In the case of Phoenix, let's see where they stand in 5-10 years from now. I bet they will have season tickets available :slight_smile:

I love IWS but I read in the paper awhile back that it's going to need some serious work on the south side in a few years.

Instead of putting millions into that let's just talk about where we would put a new stadium and how it would be paid for.

We don't need a dome or all the expensive gadetry (is that a word?)and we can still have a first class stadium that could hold between 30,000 to 40,000 people.

Any thoughts?

Something that the CFL would be on our doorsteps as much as possible to host the big game and bring dollars into this community and really showcase Hamilton as the place to be.

I agree with you completely Earl!

An example is an IT guy where I work, he knew about Bob Young before Bob Young became the owner of the Cats with all the Linux stuff.
Anyways, this guy is sort of typical of a lot of people around here I think, not a big sports fan but was clamouring for Hamilton to get an NHL team in the new Copps and said he would get seasons tickets right away. And then when Bob Young bought the Cats, he said in his stoic way, now we just need a new stadium. He is a casual fan but doesn't want to go to Ivor Wynne, not because it isn't a good stadium, but because it lacks the image of what this guy wants, he is a techie type. I think there are a lot of people out there who would be Cat fans with a new stadium that is first class. Then the trick is to keep them fans also so they will buy GC tickets etc. I'm just wishing the best for Hamilton. I'm a real football fan so they could play on some desolate field in the middle of nowwhere with no stands at all and I would be there, but I'm in the minority.


Okay, here are some differences...

Per Forbes magazine, the Arizona Cardinals are worth in excess of $650 million US Dollars. The Cats, I am guessing around $5 million US.

The Cardinals pull in over $164 million US Dollars from Stadium revenues alone. This does NOT include TV revenue (approximately $60 million) or merchandise, licensing, etc. My guess is that the Cats are pulling in less than $13 Million CDN TOTAL. (Bob, please correct me if I'm wrong. :wink: )


Its 32 teams, collectively valued at over $20 Billion US Dollars, pull in $5 Billion Dollars in revenue each year. Two-thirds of this amount is shared equally.

I don't believe that Arizona has named its Stadium as of yet but, just down the road, the Diamondbacks have. They got $60 Million US dollars.

NFL naming opportunities go for big bucks... Washington's deal was over $200 Million.

Personally, I can't see a stadium in Hamilton going for more than $10. Hardly enough to fund its construction. (As a reference, I believe Ron Joyce paid $5 Million CDN for the naming rights at Hamilton Place).

Hamilton can't support a new stadium, in my opinion. Arizona can.

Before Hamilton can become a world class destination for world class events. We need more hotel rooms in the city.

That's one of the reasons Hamilton isn't scheduled to get the Grey Cup until 201X.

We don't need a new stadium.

Just maintain IWS.

Great sitelines. Outstanding atmosphere. Character. You can't build these things in to a new stadium.

Maybe put a restaurant with more luxury boxes in one of the corners or on the west endzone.

I know, I know, I'm just a dreamer with pie-in-the sky thoughts and you guys make great points for sure. I hear you JustaGuy and LotJ, but it does sadden me just the same.

Man, I am proud to be a Canadian but really wish, at times, I grew up in the States in a huge football environment, I love it and I love talking about how it is done big time down in the States. But they have more poverty and all of that along with the good and football really isn't as important as so many other issues out there, without a doubt.

[quote="Earl"]Just looking on the Arizona Cardinals web site. Now this team has not had a stellar record for years and years on end, in fact, I can't remember when they last made the playoffs. But they have a brand new spanking stadium and guess what - season tickets sold out. And probably getting a Super Bowl to boot soon enough.


Let's not forget that sitting in 45C heat with blazing sun baking you in the seats during a 5 hour afternoon game isn't all that appealing for even the most hard core fan.

So, in Arizona's case, their stadium could be considered very inadequate.

I love IWS..but I think its time,I know the funding could be hard to come by,but if we can get the funding thru "whatever source",we can replicate it,have similar sitelines etc..but with modern standards.
Someone had a concept on here last year when we were bidding for the commonwelth games,it was by the bayfront park,looked awsome.
Again people,I thinks its time,a stadium every 80yrs or so,isn't bad at all!

Hmmm, a CFL stadium disguised as a Commonwealth stadium funded by taxpayer dollars.

Isn't this just as bad as Toronto's NFL stadium disguised as an Olympic Stadium?

As I've stated in the past, the only people that would have a fit if Ivor Wynn was torn down are the baby-boom generation, cause that's what they grew up with....The funny thing is the Ticats could move to Stoney Creek and they would still show up. It's not them you are trying to attract. The Forum, the gardens and now Yankee stadium are all good as gone. If the CFL and Hamilton want to be considered big league they have to think big league and that's gonna take an investment. Additional seats, corporate boxes and concession/parking revenue wil draw more money and in turn a better product.

As i've also stated in the past Aesthetics and image makes a difference. Earl's IT friend proved this.

I think it's just that there are a lot of people that want to be associated with something that is big-time or like big-time, if it's not, no way. Something modern and aesthetically looking, as inaaslump says, with an image of big time for pro sports. And a lot of people associate Ivor Wynne as not big-time in any respect, with an old, archaic image in an old, not so nice part of town, and many of these people could be potential new fans. And I've heard from people here that Ivor Wynne is just like Fenway Park, timeless, and perfect. I don't buy this argument at all. Baseball and football are completely different creatures as well as fans. You can't really compare the two. Baseball lends itself more to the old time look, football not as much, you don't see new retro looking football stadiums but baseball stadiums, many at least of the new ones, have been built like this. Also, the Red Sox have a lot more people to draw from in terms of fans than the Cats do.
Anyway, I'll shut up, we've been down this disucssion path before, I just got started again looking at the Cardinals site as I say and couldn't believe, still can't, for the life of me that this team now has a waiting list for season's tickets. Baffles my mind really.

The new Cardinals Stadium has a retractable roof. No more cookouts there.

Oski Wee Wee,

Check out what the new Cowboys stadium will look like, to be completed in 2009. Man, Ivor Wynne won't even look like a high school stadium by these standards then. And I'm not talking about the number of seats.

"As part of the new Cowboys stadium will be Legends Square, an environment of restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and gathering places, extending fan experience to a daylong event and providing a source of year-round visitation. On the edge of Legends Square will be the Cowboys Experience, a spectacular, multi-faceted venue built by the Dallas Cowboys for community activities, fan experiences and tourism"

Holy crappola!

Even I, not the biggest fan of them mind you, would nonetheless have to shout:

GO 'SKINS! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,