Anyone heard??

How Josephs feeling today???


I hope he feels like hell. Too bad we don't play the Riders again this season.

I heard not bad, except for the fact that his phone is always ringing and he's keeps on saying hello to the dial

Wow he is one tough guy! I have not seen that type of beating since Dickenson last year! But he got up! He must be one hurting dude! No lunch for those hogs after that game! :lol:

and people though when I was laughing at Ricky Williams breaking his arm was bad.

Taking a hard hit and breaking your arm are two entirely different things, KK.....but I suppose a football fan would already know that..... laughed at Ricky Williams injury?......why would you do that?....

I would think a ENGLISH teacher would know better about what I was talking about, maybe I need to go back and bold it for you so that you can see.

I was comparing whataname's "I hope he hurts like hell..." to my laughing at RW injury.

considering all the **** he put me though with the Dolphins, which I haven't quite forgiven, I thought it was hilarious that the big NFL star hurt himself during a CFL game when everyone thought he would kill it in the CFL, my favorite football league, when he has instead hurt himself.

I understood you, KK, but I still think you were classless to laugh at RW for breaking his arm. A QB taking a hit is far different than that.

QB (your team's QB) taking a hit and getting hurt, like RW's getting hurt.

don't you think that arjoel is also classless for saying that? I think so.

I don’t.

i agree with jm02 man, laughing @ Ricky Williams was pretty bad...

then I present to everyone, jm02, Mrs. Hypocrite!

Yeah, after I thought about for a bit, I edited my posts abut it and said I was sry.

How am I a hypocrite? Legally hitting a QB, which is part of a the game, is far different than breaking one's arm.....I submit you are both classless and clueless if you think they are the same thing.

hitting someone or watching it, and then wishing that they are hurt or hurting badly = laughing at an injury to someone else.

I hope he wasn't laughing at the poor guy that fell out of the stands and passed away!

NO WAY! never laugh when somebody dies.

Just when they break a limb.....

if they have pissed me off before, yeah, if not, they get my sympathy.

I guess the term "Break a Leg" doesn't mean much to you does it jm02? :lol:

Sure it does.....but "broke your arm, hahaha" doesn't.