anyone heard of Nick Romain ?

The University of Windsor Fullback has six touchdowns on six carries so far this season.

The amazing part is that these arent Jerome Bettis 1 yard runs !!!

Yesterday he had runs of 16, 49, 66 and 1 yards.
Last week his touchdown carries were 54 and 49.

He has 235 yards on 6 carries, 39 yard per carry average ... 6 touchdowns and never been tackled !!!!

235 yards would put him 7th in the country in total rushing yards, but his 6 carries dont qualify him.

2005 CIS rushing leader Darryl Stephenson, also from Windsor, has 398 yards and 5 touchdowns in the first two games. He is averaging over 12 yards per carry.

Seeing as we are going to finish last this season and get the #1 pick in the canadian college draft, hopefully they will think hard about Stephenson ! He is the only CIS player to ever rush for over 1000 yards in ech of his first two seasons, and well on his way to making it three in a row.

"Lettuce" consider signing Romain. lol

I bet he has a good "head" on his shoulders.

running backs are the last thing we need.

Stephenson is in his 3rd year, therefore will be eligible after his 4th so he'll have to wait till the 08 draft. Lumsden and Radlein are more than adequate as NI RB's.

He’.;ll be a bit green coming to camp though. He’ll need seasoning.

An Argo fan

"He'.;ll be a bit green coming to camp though. He'll need seasoning."

Nice one.

With the Cats front line...he'll get tossed.

Well, we won't find out how good he can really be until we "dress" him.