Anyone heard anything on...Printers ?

Any news out there on Printers.....
I find it hard to believe that the Cats, will keep him as a back-up in 09,
for that kind of cash....
Porter...will be the starter, from everything I have read....
Will we all be waiting until training camp, on this one ?


I assume that Casey won't cost them a dime until the regular season starts. If this is correct, either Casey will regain his BC form or he will be released before the Cats have to pay him a dime.

To release him now wouldn't really gain anything, unless Obie coulkd work a trade.....

Oddly enough...there are a couple of teams that would probably want him....maybe even the Als. Like to see what he could do with a great O Line and 4 great receivers.

Obie is on record saying that Printers' return is a 50 - 50 liklihood.

Obie wants to renegotiate his contract.

I think all will be revealed after March 1st when Kevin Glenn is owed his bonus. Probably he will be cut just before that (a la Dominguez) and then if the Cats sign him, Casey will be cut, and if not, then who knows? But I wouldn't expect any activity before then.

It's tough to wait for the next move in all of this. With all of the build-up to free agency, I started to expect news on a daily basis, but free agency was a bit anti-climatic.


I agree with als4ever.

No reason to cut him now. He only gets paid if he makes the team. If he makes the team as starter and earns his pay, I for one will certainly be a member of the Printers Union.

No reason for him to re-work his deal to stay here as backup or to facilitate a trade either. Obie may very well like to renegotoate his contract. But Casey will probably refuse unless the reduction is modest and he is still getting starter pay. If he refuses and gets cut, he can sign anywhere he likes and may very well do a better deal somewhere else than he could get from us as backup, or than he might work out with the team we plan to trade him to.

I expect to see him compete at training camp. I hope he does great. I hope Porter does great. I hope Williams and Trafalis and any other QBs there all do great. Whoever wins the starting job will certainly have my support.

Thanks for the input...guys.
Out here in the West...all the sports news is the Lions or Canucks....period.
All us displaced Hamilton people out here, have to relie on the Cat site, for any real news.
Even your SportsNet is the Pacific 'one' out here.

I like most...have sat on the edge of my seat, waiting and waiting for Printers to show regards to his 'old' fourm, that he had out here in BC, prior to going to the NFL.
I don't know...I guess I'm blind.
I rewatched games from last year, on TSN the later games in the season, to me, he looked like he was getting worse, rather than improving.....
If I'm correct...Williams with his contract extension is signed until the end of 2011 ?
Porter...from everything you read...will be the starter, at least, going into camp.
So...that leaves Travalis, as the odd man out, if Printers stays on with the team.

It sure will be see how this plays out. :thup:


Good point, Steve HVH. I'm all for having them duke it out (figuratively speaking) at training camp, and may the best man win. We are blessed with a bunch of good QB's, and we need to see who will step up and seize the starting role. My own personal bias is twofold: 1) No Kevin Glenn; and 2) Richie Williams as backup. The story ain't all told on Richie, in my opinion. Let's get on with the competition, and find out who has the chops to do the job. On to the Grey Cup!

I think Porter will end up being our starting QB. I like Williams because he is a change of pace, makes things happen, etc. but I don't think he is or ever will be a starting QB in Hamilton. Tafralis we haven't seen too much, but he sure throws a beautiful ball.

 There are a lot of possibilities, from Casey being cut shortly and replaced by Glenn to Casey regaining his old form in TC and being the starter. In either case I hope we keep Williams and Tafralis, even if one of them has to spend the season on the PR.

Right from training camp onwards, Marcel was impressed
with Porter's early morning work habits and desire to learn

and he performed very impressively late last year
so he may start Quinton at # 1 to start this season

If Casey doesn't win the starting QB job in Training Camp
and is cut because of refusing to take a reduction in pay

or even if Casey is released early and Kevin Glenn is here

but I am leary of starting a young QB
who is inexperienced in the CFL game.

Porter had amazing poise for a rookie last year

but he is still very inexperienced in our game
and at a professional football level in general.

Games are won or lost on 4 or 5 key plays

Games are often lost on an Offensive turnover
such as an interception of an ill-advised pass

Rookie QBs tend to make more of those
at critical times in a game than veteran QBs.

ron, good points but the days of saying someone can't start because they don't have experience is done my friend. For me anyways. Look at Rotheslberger (sp?), didn't he do ok the first year?

The kid played a lot better than the veteran many times last year.Lots of luck in training camp to casey but i think he,s a lion or an argo come opening day I look forward to watching Porter make the mistakes .

Let me help you with your evidence, Earl.

Chuck Ealey, too, 30+ years before that.

But I always thought that 2 successes, or 22 successes for that matter,

out of 10s of thousand of QBs who have gone through
both the CFL and the NFL in the last 30 or 40 years

is not enough to draw the scientific conclusions that
any given rookie QB will be an immediate success.

I don’t like the odds of a first year QB setting the league on fire. :smiley:

Just funnin’ ya, Earl. Nobody ever wins these arguments
and hope springs eternal in a true fans breast ever season. :thup:

Well, can't argue that statistically you are correct, for sure. But hoping you're wrong at any extent. :wink:

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umm ya hes in the garbage cans out back along with the rest of his career.

Didn’t Marino have reasonably good first and second seasons?
Also the Manning brothers?
Zuger took us to the Grey Cup in his first season and nearly won it.

I agree it is very rare that 1st or 2nd year QB will lead a team to a championship, CFL or NFL; however if we just count those on teams where there was a significant improvement, not necessarily a championship, might be higher than we think.

Of course a lot has to do with the team around him being good, improving along with him.
There aren’t many CFL QBs who start their careers with receivers like Hal Patterson and Garney Henley.

Its all about the money in Hamilton and thats a shame . A good fight in training camp would of been fun and would of raised interest . Niow they are probably gonna try and sell us on Porter and Glen . Im not the least bit excited about Glen being in Hamilton ( if he comes ) Its a shame that Printers couldnt come back and try and show us he is a very good CFL QB !!!!!

I have said this before and i`ll say it again ,if we dont get a Rush End we dont stand a chance . I think the QBS in BC will see a big difference this season with out Wake .

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Wally must be confused. He showed no loyalty to Jason Clermont and sent him packing yet he’ll listen to Printers???