Anyone having trouble downloading tickets today?

Anyone having trouble downloading tickets today?

Both my game tickets and parking are not coming up. We reinstalled the app. Suggestions? I know that we can go to the ticket office, but that doesn’t help with parking.

I couldn’t use the app yesterday either. It would go to my Google Wallet, then…nothing.
I used my phone web browser at and went to the “MyTix” page in the drop down menu, and I was able to download my tickets from there.

Thank you
That worked!

I wish they’d bring back paper tickets, not just for ticats. Always seem to have issues with logging into the account or digital wallet. Not to mention making sure your phone is charged. If anything, digital tickets are the opposite of an improvement.


We had reached out to the Ticat office and they did get back quickly.
They also suggested that we bypass the app.
Apparently, the company in the States that created the app is no longer in business, hence all the unresolved glitches.

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That’s what I was told too at the beginning of the season (before the preseason game I think) by a ticket rep. I just went to “My Tix” on the Ticats site and usually transferred the tickets to the Google Wallet a few days before the game. Tickets for the last two games are now in the Wallet. I still need to delete the old Ticats app from my phone. I heard there was going to be a new one - not sure if it’s available yet.

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A Bob Young owned team is using an app from a company no longer in business.

Note, the CFL also no longer has an app.

Wtf is going on?


Ask the geniuses I guess… Lol