Anyone Have Any CFL Trading Cards?

Anyone???? Please List What Ya Got, Thankyou Much!

I have Joe Thiesman CFL Rookie card and two unopen boxes of 1991 CFL trading cards - includes Rocket Ismail's rookie card.

great, what ya want for the joe theisman??? plus, anyone else have any cfl cards???, anyway get back to me man, thanks

i'd like the garcia rookie man...

Flutie's rookie is from Topps 85 USFL (I have two) Flutie has 2 CFL rookie's in 1990 Jogo (I have 4) I collected CFL sets from 1988-1996. All named Jogo company from Ottawa. I got many autographed when I was younger, over 100 autographed cards that I flip through, good memories. Some of the best places was at Ivor Wynne waiting near the buses and Skydome where I would sneak down to where players meet their families. Pinball was the easyiest to get and he has a cool looking signiture. Flutie was the hardest, he doesnt like to sign too much and hes was always mobed.

argoz, got any of players that still play??? check and see what players u have that still play if ya would possibly, and thankyou very much!

I've got a bunch of cards, including at least one complete set from 1991.

Most notably, I have a Danny Mac and a Darren Flutie (Ticat), both autographed and in mint condition.

But you ain't gettin' 'em! :razz:

well, u got any more recent cards???? like 1998-2005????

if anyone goes through Cache Creek, BC. you can go to New and Used store. In among the heeps of stuff/junk he has probably another 5-8 sets of CFL cards, the one with Rocket Ismail on it. I got a set off him for $5. seemed like a deal since he originally said 10

Well, the Danny and Darren cards are from 2000. And like I said, autographed and in mint condition. :smiley:

(Sorry...I'm teasing you a little bit. :twisted: Those cards will never leave my possession.)

stop sending me damn PM's about this...

im looking mostly for the newer cfl cards... but all are welcomed...

just alil bump