Anyone have a CFL Trading Card? No, they don't

People don't just have CFL Trading Cards, and if they did do you want them to send it to you? :lol: :roll:

well, lets see, yes!! people might be able to make me one i had a friend(that recently passed away) who would make me cards!

there seems to be alot of CFL trading cards... just check it out: ... 12QQsojsZ1

Sweet, so why don't you buy some and send them to CFL_FAN then?

You can buy CFL trading cards every where......they have been avilible for years.

I have tons of them from almost every year. :smiley:

Go to the HALL OF FAME , STORE......they sell them. :wink:

But I see kk28's point. There's been enough of that trading cards begging over the last weeks. Both in the main forum and in the teams' forums.

People just don't give away their stuff anyways... These pleas should stop.

I agree... CFL_FAN has begged me multiple times for cfl trading cards via private message multiple times already ...

its online begging, and its pathetic .... cough up the .25 cents like everyone else.


can someone give some cards to CFL_FAN? it seems like he really wants some.

He wants things for free...........let him trade or buy them.

CFL_Fan asked me for cards a while back, but I still haven't had time to check in my closets. I use to have a bunch when the Rocket was playing for the Argos...Jogo made them. And a bunch of other companies got involved for a few years in the late 80's.

You can still get this years cards........from PACIFIC........and the HALL of FAME , sells them................JOGO , is also still around.

Those Jogo cards are pretty valuable. Very rare, especially the new editions. I have a couple hundred of 'em (one is signed, and another was given to me by the player’s mom).