Anyone going to Winnipeg for the Opener ???

Were going, were sitting in section X Row 25

Is anyone else going ??????????

It Should be a lot of fun celebrating CANADA Day in Winnipeg. I heard they put on a good show !!!!!!!!!

Yes, going to be there in Section D. Right back where we ended a great regular season last year. Hopefully the team can feed off the energy from that great game where they locked up 2nd place and 'The Judge' filled in admirably for Setta, even getting credit for a field goal he didn't really make.

I just hope the boat is still there. :lol:


Section 10 here, Row 6 :rockin:

No boats in the endzone this year. Sorry.

The Bombers sent this out to fans about some of what's going to be going on at the game on July 2:

With the preseason now in the books, fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers can look forward to the 2010 CFL regular season to get underway on Friday July 2nd at 7:00pm against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. This game will also mark the Winnipeg Football Club's 80th Anniversary and will honour 13 former players and coaches at halftime who represent 80 years of Blue Bomber history, pride and tradition.

Those honoured include former Head Coaches Bud Grant, Cal Murphy and Mike Riley as well as former players Buddy Tinsley, Ken Ploen, Leo Lewis, Don Jonas, Dieter Brock, Joe Poplawski, Bob Cameron, Chris Walby, James Murphy and Milt Stegall.

The first 15,000 fans who enter the stadium will receive a Bomber Magnetic schedule courtesy of Game day sponsor Manitoba in Motion. Plus every fan leaving the game will receive a $10.00 gift certificate from the Bomber Store as a thank you for celebrating 80 years of Blue Bomber Football.

As always, CJOB's Bob Irving will be broadcasting the pregame show live from the west side parking lot which will also feature special entertainment provided by Manitoba Homecoming in front of the Bomber Store. On the east side, the Power 97 cruiser will be present as well as the Gibson's Finest Interactive Booths where fans are encouraged to record themselves showing off their Bomber Pride.

Buzz and Boomer, face painters, clowns, tattoos and balloon artists will be all over the stadium grounds and fans will be welcomed at every gate by Bomber alumni.

Fans are encouraged to get to the game early with a special Fly By that will kick off the season with CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon in attendance. Look for the Blue Squadron as they proudly carry our Bomber Flags throughout the entire season. Gates open at 5:30pm for season ticket holders who show their season ticket lanyards. Doors open to the general public at 6pm.

Very Nice, Hope to see u there.

We will be in the Parking Lot, tailgating with all our Ticats Stuff, Drop by for a pop.

Unless you are a millionare, who travels for a CFL game?

we plan to tailgate also, just outside the stadium parking lot :rockin:

Frequent flyer points for destinations other than Toronto and Montreal (you can drive to both of those places). Sometimes my business takes me to these places too.

It's good in Winnipeg, the stadium is within walking distance of the airport (about a mile and a half), so no ground transportation costs.


We planned for this months ago = $0.00
We got a cheap flight through West Jet. = $258.00
Were staying with my girlfriends brother. = $0.00
Price of ticket. = 54.00

Seeing the Cats Live for Cananda Day weekend.


True Fans thats who!

Hey folks, Winnipeger here. Just in case you didn't know, the Bomber store does carry non-Bomber stuff (not a lot, but some), so that gift certificate could be worthwhile. If anyone is coming and wants advice on where to eat, or anything, let me know. Should be a great atmosphere.

Friendly warning: In an attempt to curb drunken idiots, you cannot leave the stadium and come back anymore. This is supposed to stop half-time guzzling, but I'd recommend bringing in everything clothing-wise you might want.


true fans watch on TV too. In fact thats what most true fans do which does not mean you are not a true fan if you go to Winnipeg to see the Cats :wink:

good to see you guys coming out, games in winnioeg are fun, some fans are jerks, but i guess its like that everywhere, if i see cats fans tailgating im make sure to give a wave, should be a good game, lets hope the weather holds up

Once again I never said your not a true fan AKT! Ill quote you "Unless your a millionare. who travels for a CFL game! That could be traveling downtown, or 50min down the highway to Toronto!
Plus you dont have to be a Millionare to go across Canada once a year or visit another province! To many go to differnt countries instead of see there own first!
Im going to Montreal this year, followed by Winnipeg in 2011, Sask 2012, Calgary 2013, Edmonton 2014, and BC in 2015!

:rockin: :rockin:

I'm flying in from Taiwan for 2 games.
When I go home to Canada I plan my holiday schedule so I can get to a couple games. The Cats play back to back in July so this is when I'm coming home. However, I won't be making the Winnipeg stop.
I'm expecting the Cats to have better luck this season. I've been to 8 games in the last 11 years and I think they are 0 - 8 in that stretch.

I also planned this months ago, the day the schedule came out =0.00
also got a cheap flight through West Jet = 256.00
staying with friends = 0.00
Price of Ticket = 0.00

Seeing the Cats Live for Cananda Day weekend.


Hopefully you both have some money left in your budgets for mosquito gear.