Anyone going to the Toronto game Oct 4th?

We were thinking of going to the the Friday night game against the Argooos on Oct 4th. Likely taking the GO train late afternoon. We haven't purchased seats yet, but will soon. There are tonnes left on the visitors side of the field on ticket master, but buying at the gate will save the up charges. It would be a lot of fun to get together with some TiCat fans before the game for drinks and food. Lots of pubs on Front street.
So, the question is... can we get enough support to get loud in the dome?

I likely will be going, I'm gonna see if the Ti-Cats have a ticket deal for season ticket holders first though. However I'll be heading straight from work, so I might be a bit late to the game.

Be sure you take the train going to Aldershot. If you take the GO Bus and you'll be lucky to make it for the 2nd half.

Good call on the tiks. I'll call my rep tomorrow.
You're absolutely right about the GO bus. The train from Aldershot is always on time.

The Ticat deal is never anything special. If you go onto the Argos page - group tickets, 'ARGOSCAA' gives you a better deal

Fair enough, but they see the Ti-Cats are buying tickets and can use that to realize how much they should cater to us Hamiltonians when we come down the QEW. Given them more incentive to keep the stadium near the GO line.

As much as I hate the dome for games yes were going huge game

Should be a big crowd of Ticat fans, this is like another home game. The RC is easier to get to than Guelph, lots of public transport or an easy drive with plenty of parking nearby.

Yup, love a good Argo-wuppin in the cavernous hole known as the Dome. Oskee Wee Wee!

A group of us are going and its always loud when the Cats play. If your getting tickets just get the cheapest thing you can find because its basically musical chairs / open seating.

It would be really great to see us fans unite and all sit in the same section. Similar to away soccer supporters.

Perhaps 134c/134d, behind our bench.

Regardless of this game (time limitations), we need to hammer out some sort of deal with our/Argo's ticket managers.

      - Block of 2000(?) reserved for every TiCat/Argo game at the dome, we purchase them directly from the Ticats.

That's the excitement and passion we need. Some rowdy Ticat fans that have to be escorted in and out of the stadium with a police escort. Have a section like they do in some soccer stadiums where the rowdies are allowed to set off fire crackers, swear out loud start fights allow beer in the aluminum cans like they do in the NFL. We need a crowd that will follow their team anywhere and fight for their team, come up with some real chants and songs that actually goad the other team!


It may be best to take the GO train or maybe the subway in to downtown as the Gardiner is under repair and Lakeshore Blvd is down to one lane. We're playing it safe with the GO from Aldershot. It would be miserable and frustrating to get caught in Friday night rush hour and miss half the game.

I usually bring a large group to Labour Day but, well you know what happened to that this year.
Last year my group included 15 people including some Americans who have become real fans of our game since being exposed to it on these trips.
Next Friday, I'm bringing a new group of Americans, in town for a convention, to this pivotal game.
They'll all be wearing black and gold and screaming "Argos S*ck" and "Oskee Wee Wee".
Too bad it's such a crappy atmosphere in the dome...

Great! We can create a hell-of-a good atmosphere in the dome, especially when the roof is close. Noise is trapped and makes it loud...

What section is your large group going to go for? Is there a general consensus that it would be great/fun/loud if we all tried to sit in the same general area? Feeding off of previous games we tend to side behind our bench....134b/134c/134d if you have not purchased tickets yet!!!

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Not many seats left in 134a, 134b, 134c, 134d. Same goes for 126, 127, 128, 129. The more expensive seats in the middle are available. Looks like there will be a good crowd, i think the Cats fans have scooped up a lot of tickets already :thup:

I just picked up 10 seats in 133 behind the Cats bench. 5 in row 15, 5 in row 16. Hoping to add another 5 people to the group I'm bringing by Friday.
Let's hope the team will 'bring it' too.
Oskee Wee Wee.

Which seat numbers are you?
We'll buy two right beside you.

Here's how to get a discount for Friday nights game...

go to

use the code ticats2013

$80 midfield tickets will be $70

See you there

Buy your tickets through the caa membership is is cheaper than the ticat deal

I bought my tickets at the beginning of the season and $80 for around 60 with caa i will be in sect 132 row 20