Anyone going to the chuck?

Is anyone heading up to the 'chuck for the rematch this Friday night? I'll be there ... jersey, hat, flag, horn, and all (and, after I make an ass of myself, probably a broken nose ... especially if the Stamps win!)

Apparently I'm the only one from these boards heading up there :wink: Well, I'm gonna giv'er, and hopefully the Stamps win (though to be honest, I am predicting an eskimos win ... )

.....geez, missed this one Kev, would've wished you luck, too many family things happening tonight, maybe next year...

Wanted to go so badly.. couldn't get out of work. Now that the game's over, I'm kind of glad... it was a great game, but I have a feeling that with my Nik Lewisesque attitude, I would have taken quite a few lumps (figurative and literal) after that game.

Actually, I didn't make it up. I had my tickets bought and everything, but was held up at work so I didn't get to leave my house until 4:00. Then there was that rollover on Deerfoot, which they shut down, so every road out of the city was a complete jam ... long story short, it was 5:15 and we were still in Calgary. Sadly we decided it wasn't worth it at that point ... so we went home and watched the game on TV.

I still have a pretty sour taste in my mouth from the way it ended ...