Anyone going to street fest in rain?

2009-06-25 16:21:00 The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are excited to host the third annual TigerTown Street Fest this Sunday, June 28 outside of the team's offices at 1 Jarvis Street from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This will be the first chance to meet the 2009 Tiger-Cats, as players and coaches will be on hand to interact with fans, sign autographs and pose for pictures. The Ticats Retro jerseys will be unveiled at TigerTown Streetfest as all players will model the Black and Gold's 1960s throwback jerseys, which will be worn during the team's July 18 Retro game at Ivor Wynne Stadium against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Fan favourite Stripes and the Ticats Cheerleaders presented by AMJ Campbell Van Lines will also be in attendance.

Local band Apollosdown will play throughout the afternoon while the TigerTown Store, located inside the office, will feature the latest Ticats merchandise just in time for the 2009 season.

Anyone going even though it is gonna rain?

I am interested in seeing the jerseys in person.

Mrs MadJack and I were going to attend......but we've decided to take a 'rain check' on it..............too bad, really enjoyed it last year.

I thought Hamiltonians are tough people..Rain,of all things, is stopping people from attending??? :roll:

Living close to Toronto,is it rubbing off on us?
what next?..we need the army to clean our snow??? :lol:

Hamiltonians are tough, yes..................

But Mrs MadJack is filipina.............and standing outside in the rain doesn't excite her......................guess I'll have to work on that.

Tiger_Dirt, while you’re there, why don’t you tell MB that you think he’s going to get fired early in the season?


A thread or post about the weather and poor turnout being someone in the front office's fault in 5....4...3....2...


just got back from the Streetfest - what rain??? :lol: :lol:

sure the crowd was less than in previous years, but that just made the players more accessible to those of us that did go! It was much easier to talk to the players as people weren’t lined up 6 deep to meet some of them and most of them mingled with the crowd for pictures etc. After Marcel B welcomed everyone, Marwan kicked things off with a rousing OSKII WEE WEE chant as Pigskin Pete couldn’t make the event, but Stripes was there as were a number (all?) of the cheerleaders.

I’m sure someone will post photos later on.

Pictures anyone, anywhere?



Just came back myself. Weather was great! not too sunny and no rain. Scored me a poster with a dozen autographs including Porter, Rodriguez, Mariuz, Gauthier and Goodspeed (who by the way is the nicest most down to earth pro athlete I've ever met). Wifey picked up a sexy new shirt for July 1st. Good times all around...

The players modelled our new retro jersey today.

The design of our uniforms is of little importance to me
but I would have preferred the colours on the uniform

to be our traditional black and gold not black and orange.

Am I colour blind or missing something, black and orange? Looks gold or at least yellow to me based on this photo from the ti-cats store:

[url=] ... t=1&page=1[/url]

unless they've changed it.

Does anyone have photos from today of the players in the jerseys?

Was not the bad ..
I posted photos on my blog if want to see them.

8) Well, I will make a couple of points here. I attended the Street Fest as usual, and the weather turned out to be perfect, not a drop of rain for the whole 2 hours !!!
  Did you hear that "MadJack", no rain at all  !!!   I'm sure Mrs. MadJack would have enjoyed the day for sure !!!    She will blame you now for not taking her  !!!! <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

  As "settafan" stated, there was a small turnout, but that made it easier to talk to all the players and coaches that were in attendance.

  As far as the new retro jerseys being modeled by the players, "ronfromtigertown" is exactly right.

  The colours are indeed black and orange, not black and gold as advertised !!  They resemble more of the BC Lions uniforms than that of the TiCat colours  !!!

   All in all, it was a good day put on by the TiCats, and I thank them for it  !!!

Thanks for the pics, Onknight

The third one of Ken Foster and Bernie Custis reminds me of the two old caustic hecklers on The Muppets Show, except there is not a heckle to be had between them.... Great guys, both of them.


Just a note on the jersey colours... In an effort to capture some of the authenticity of the 1960's jersey's, we actually managed to borrow Bob Krouse's authentic game day jersey from 1965. We too were surprised at how orange it was and not really gold, but, we matched up the pantone colours and went with what was authentic for that era.

We knew that the fit and materials of the "retro" jerseys wouldn't be the same as what was used in the '60's ie. length of sleeves and the tight fit, but, we knew that we could match the colours.

So, this retro jersey really stands out as something a little different with a definite salute to the glory years of the '60's.

The helmets will also feature the TC on the side. They too are a little bit more orange than gold but look awesome.

Cheers and thanks for coming out today,


I was there. It was a great day weather-wise. I bought one of the new jerseys. The yellow isn't orange. It's more of a "Kraft Dinner" or "school bus" yellow... if that helps.

I'm still PO'd at moving the numbers to the shoulder. I can see why they did it. The player jerseys are cut in a way that there's no room on the sleeve. They'll look great with shoulder pads; but crappy as a fan jersey.

I'm taking mine to a custom tackle-twill guy and getting it done right & 1960's accurate!

Still think it looks like a late 80's early 90's jersey.

Dont get me wrong, i love it. but without the long sleeves it looks like something from 20 years ago.

Tipper and Ronfromtigertown are absolutely right the retro jerseys are orange, nice but orange.