Anyone going to Regina for season kickoff?

Salut, mes amis!

I don't mean to barge into your house ... consider this a knock on the door :slight_smile:

As most of you would know, I live in the lower St. Laurent. I have a friend here (Alouettes fan) who has never been in an airplane, never been west of Dorval, never been out of the province. He has heard (and heard accurately, if I may so humbly say :stuck_out_tongue: ) that the place to be for atmosphere in the CFL is Taylor Field. So he wanted to kill a few birds with one stone and go to Regina for Montréal game in Regina, which turns out to be the season opener. He inquired about if I would be able to go with him and be his "guide". Being the ambassador that I try to be (believe it or not!) for my native province, I worked it out with my wife (more expensive than the plane tickets :oops: ), as did he, and it is a go. We started planning this in the winter and it is now arranged ... to the prairies we go for Canada Day weekend 8) .

Now, my buddy is francophone through and through. I will be his interpreter for sure, but it would be fun to make him feel a bit more at ease if there is a gang (french-speaking ... or not) of Alouettes fans to party with before or after the game or both.

Anyone going or, even if not going, any idea where the Alouette contingent, as small as it might be, hangs out? If you prefer to PM me, feel free to do so. I'll be asking around amongst my Riders contacts as well but wanted to get an inside scoop, if any :wink:

In the meantime, here's to what is going to be a superb season :thup: :thup: :rockin: :thup: :thup: ... and go Riders!!!

Your not barging in. I was about to make some ICED Green Tea /protein smoothie.


Sounds like you guys will have a blast

Sure will. The place will be rocking and my friend is good-natured so he will be able to take the ribbing that will inevitably come. He plans on going all decked out in Als colours so it won't be a secret whose side he's on - like a neon sign saying "heckle me!!" It'll be grand! :lol:

As an Als fan living in Calgary who married into a prairie family, I have been to every Als game at Taylor field for the last 6 years. Unfortunately this will be the first year that I do miss (my apologies as it would have been good to meet up with another Als fan there). From experience I can tell you that there will be approx. 3 other Montreal fans there, this number could double because it is a long weekend and the French Kids for Depot (RCMP training) may make it out. It can be a pretty lonely place. For the most part my experiences have been good, but like any crowd there are always a couple of idiots that try to make things difficult.

Just two tips for you guys, as I am not sure when the last time you were at Mosiac.

  1. Make it to the practice field prior to the game. It is good for some meet and greets and a way to meet up with the other few fans that may be there.

  2. Take your time leaving after the game and linger around the West Gates. This is where the visiting players exit and head to the bus for the airport. As there are not really any fans there, they walk right through to the buses parked right outside and you can talk to pretty much any Als player you want to. For the most part they are all pretty approachable. In fact I have had a number of them approach me to ask why an Als fan is in in Sask.

Have fun guys.

Thanks, ty. Very kind of you and really constructive. That's what we planned for pre-game but didn't think of your post-game suggestion. Will certainly pass it on to my friend for discussion.