anyone getting '07 grey cup tix?

if so, where u sitting and how much was the ticket?

it's way too soon for that Dgod.

tickets are on sale now, arent they?

Tickets for this year's Grey Cup don't even go on sale to the general public until March 18. I highly doubt next year's tickets are on sale yet.

i saw them on ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster is accepting a $50 non-refundable deposit for Grey Cup tickets.....the actual tickets themselves do not go on sale until November, according to

cool...when do '06 tickets go on sale?...any clue? guessin the end of the month.

If you are a Winnipeg Blue Bomber Season Tickets Holder you will have first priority to reserve your seats for 2006 Grey Cup. You can access your account information and pay online by using you Blue Bomber Account Manager at For more information on becoming a Winnipeg Blue Bomber Season Ticket Holder please visit

CFL season ticket holders will have an opportunity to pre purchase Grey tickets beginning Saturday February 18, 2006.

Ticket sales will open to the general public on Saturday, March 18, 2006.

  • dates may be subject to change.

It's funny he should have to ask, considering my post telling him that next year's tickets weren't on sale yet also included the date when this year's tickets went on sale.....

where in your post does it say the '06 tickets ( not grey cup, but regular season games ) sales date, jm02?

im not askin anything about grey cup '06 or '07 tickets right askin when regular season tickets for the '06 season go on sale? ( not season tickets, either )...march 18th?

DG as season ticket holder and which I have purchased(and what about you?) we had to put down a $50 deposit per ticket towards the 07 Grey Cup. Payment for the balance will be next year. I believe the cost of $200 per ticket. Still a bargain in my mind when comparing all the overpriced tickets in other leagues championship games.

i cant buy season schedule changes week to week, so i cant commit to a whole season of games, then find out i can make it to less than half....i buy tickets to games i KNOW i can get it hamilton or toronto games.

Because of the bad teams in the city of Toronto, I don't see any of the remaining four doing well for many years, so there may be an opening/void. With the Leafs not winning in our life time. So it's possible how the Grey Cup may and I am hoping, a truly Canadiana and successful event. Hopefully not lost in the self perceived "World Class Crap" mentality.

…guess there was some confusion there, dgod…you didn’t state regular season tickets, and I assumed you were carrying on with Grey Cup tickets…my bad, your bad, no harm no foul…

I really wish the guys in Tornoto would stop taking away from the Grey Cup that's coming up in Winnipeg.

maybe I'm just blowing it up to much, but that's how I feel.

please, hype up the game AFTER Winnipeg, not before.

Already got my 2007GC tickets. As an Argos season ticket holder you can buy your tickets for the big game at the time of your renewal for this year's tix.

Mine are already bought, with delivery to come next year.

got mine

I've got mine.......and looking forward to it.

Kanga....Toronto isn't trying to take away from this year's Cup game at all...they are only selling at this point to their own season ticket holder. In my case, I would not be able to attend the Winnipeg game anyway, as I'm working that weekend and don't have the time off available to go. Going to the 07 game in Toronto is a different story...I'm off anyway, and it wouldn't be as much of a time commitment as travelling to the 'Peg would be.
The reality Kanga, is that although I would love to attend every Grey Cup game for the rest of my life, it's not going to happen.

sry, mate, I just feel that way about the GC 2007 at this point. forgive me.

Kanga: No harm, no foul, no requirement for forgiveness, mate. I hope Winnipeg has an amazing Grey Cup this year, and I’m sure they will. I was just trying to point out that the Argos are not trying to take the Bombers “Year in The Spotlight” from them.