Anyone Get Anything For Their Man Cave From The Old Stadium?

Anybody pick up any cool items for the mancave? I got a chunk of seat for xmas. Haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. :lol:

i sure did the last game i got a brick from outside bathroom wall and then november 17 my nephews went to locker room sale and just happened to tour the feild etc etc one last time and its there we got chunks of turf wheelchair signs coors light posters and a few other things. For xmas my nephews purchased a big big frame had my final game ticket some pics of the last game and our name and seats put into it. And that item is a definate in my mancave much better and more tastefull then the chunk of turf goal post and splinter of wood the cats were selling for what oh 800 i think.
As for the brick etc im still workin on a nice memento for that stuff

My son is getting a Men's Room sign for his birthday. He just doesn't know it yet. :slight_smile:

If I paint a piece of scrap 2x10 yellow, does that count? Or would I have to find a city worker and pay him $40/hour to scribble numbers on it first?

I bit the bullet and got my seat.

I won one of those large Tim Horton's Final Ivor Wynne Signs during CFL Alumni luncheon at Grey Cup. I even got a few CFL & Ticat legends to sign it.. :smiley: Glad I purchased it, as it appears the signs are not going to be publicly auctioned as they went to local Tim Horton store owners.

I got a Washroom sign, that is now on the door to my shed and a Gate Pass sign that I won via the Ticats auction.

I wish. The stuff was too expensive. I wish I could of purchased my seat but I couldnt justify paying $90 or whatever it was for a couple pieces of wood.