anyone from Thunderbay???

im trying to find the population of Thunderbay, Ontario BUT im getting conflicting numbers
…one number im finding is 125 500 and another is 250 000.
is the 125 500 the population of the City and 250 000 is including the surrounding area???

( 10 years after a Halifax expansion, both Quebec-city east division and Thunderbay west division could come in to the CFL to make 12 teams …northern ontario has no pro-sports)

They need to build up t it frist. CJFL or CIS. or it can stick with baseball.

Is Thunderbay not two cities in one. Port William and Port Arthur? Maybe this is the reason for that conflict.

yea...they merged and formed Thunderbay in 1970

this site.

says 121,000

Thunder Bay is two meaged cities, really? cool, but likly why they don't have a pro team yet.

Its not the fact they're two merged cities, its the fact that it has such a small population base. Most of the teams in Minnesota are based in the Twin-Cities (hence why their pro baseball team's called the Twins) of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The only university in the area is Lakehead U, and aside from maybe CIS hockey, have no known CIS teams.

But that's not to say that Thunder Bay and the surrounding area isn't a sports area. They do have a ski jump hill they call "Big Thunder", and last I checked, they still do World Cup events there.

Let's just see how the CJFL goes, maybe one of Edmonton's CJFL teams can move there.

Thunder Bay used to have a CJFL team, the Thunder Bay Giants. Once of their players was with the Roughriders when they won the cup in '89.

hmmmmmmmm thats a fair sized city.........what is the surrounding area's population??

Thunder Bay is a very nice place!!!

Really? what happened to them? went belly up and folded?

Undoubtedly, KK.

With regards to population, one should take into consideration that Thunder Bay is on a par with St. John’s in terms of isolation - you have to drive to the Lake of the Woods for the next city, Kenora, and you have Sioux Lookout and Fort Frances in between. East from there is a largely empty space to Nipigon. The whole stretch between Lake Nipigon and Manitoba has a population well under a quarter of a million, and it’s an area most sizeable.

Thunder Bay is a lovely city though, and some interesting stuff lies there - the Terry Fox memorial, Fort William, a Finnish newspaper, a lake, etc.