Anyone following the Polish League of American Football?

Looks like football really taking off in Poland - 74 team league with many ex-CFLers [url=] ... all_League[/url]

A blog from one of the coaches, he posted this on the Renegade Nation site - sounds like a fun league!!

Final tune up before Top Ligi play opens this next weekend for the Polish League Of American Football. We took it to the Bodglszczc Archers 47-0 last night in frigid arctic conditions. one thing for sure we play well in sub zero won't slow this team down. Defense limited the Archers to negative 44 yards offense the first quarter. We're really grasping the fundamentals of line stunts and the timing of the combo blitz and stunt package. An early Safety marks our fifth this season which is a new record for my defense the 43 Pro Swarm. I'm quickly getting back into the swing of making calls to disrupt an offense. And the players are learning it's fun to play this scheme.

We instituted a decal program based on production, which is a little high school, but resonates at this level. We using Arizona State Sun Devil "pitch forks" which are perfect for the helmets. And tallying all stats and production via a point system which creates a season long competiton to identify the top players....which always make it a game within a game...tackles, sacks, picks, scores....all add up....and bragging rights are HUGE in the locker room.

This week we open up League play with the Z-Town Steelers in what should be a tough game. It will be a good test of the club and where we're going to be for this season in our division. The Steelers have three Czech imports and a US left handed pivot, their non import guys are solid, big and tough. Our non imports will have a good opportunity to make a statement, and our import players will need to play good match defense with their stars.

The challenges here are like anywhere you coach....Former Hamilton Tiger-Cats QB Sedric Harris is out with a ankle sprain. So we're already battling the injury bug. Harris ran for 2 scores and threw for four more in our opener so you really miss a guy like that.

Should be a great week ! Especially two weeks out from what may be a Eurosport televised match up with the powerhouse Warsaw Eagles.

A crowd of over 20,000 at their Championsip game last summer! [url=] ... 952-68.htm[/url]