Anyone Else want a new Center?

Marwan Hage.
Guarenteed everyone here respects him for what kind of person he is, and the work he does for the city of Hamilton and everywhere in Canada for that matter.
But as the draft is coming up and no one is talking about getting a center i think its a bit crazy, this guy snaps to high and cant block, a couple games this year I couldnt believe how guys just blew by him with his size and his lack of ability to snap it to the kicker and punter on certain plays.
This is just my opinion but i just wanted to see if anyone else would like a new guy in the middle to support the Oline.

go tabbies.

I think Marwan is a keeper but if a move is under consideration I believe Cedric has some experience snapping.

Coaches grade him out as our best O-Lineman

Can't blame Hage for bad snaps on kicks and punts; that's usually Robichaud in there.

I think he is excellent at blocking for the running game, especially early last season. I don't believe he was too often beat by a pass-rusher. I will admit he didn't seem as good later in the season, but that might have had something to do with coaching change, change in offensive philosophy, etc.

I think he is good enough that we don't need to blow a draft choice on a centre.

Or the absolutely awful OT's we were using. I'm of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" school on this one. Marwan is an all-star and I would be very unhappy to see him go anywhere due to his contributions on and off the field.

Not that I focus a lot on individual o-lineman (I know I should) but maybe what Hage lacks in pure talent as some suggest at least with the centre position and snaps, he makes up for with experience and that. I don't know. I met him briefly at the GC and was a super nice guy to me but agree, that doesn't make him a super player.

Marwan is a keeping an alstar

in 62 WE TRUST

I can’t stand Marwan when we are in the shotgun.

I dread the thought.

Hudson was an all-star centre before he came to the Hammer.

He blocks well, but…I think Hage would be expendable.


Don’t understood why Hage is held in such regard, football-wise - too many botched snaps in recent years that ended in a sack or QB fumble, whether the QB was Maas, Printers, Willimas or Porter. Only one common thread there.

In the community, the guy seems like a prince.

Add me to the list of people that think HAGE is WAY over rated and yes people blew buy him and his snaps are not good . If I am Hamilton I try to draft a center and consider moving Hudson to center and dyakowsky to guard and trade HAGE while his stock is at it’s highest . Maybe for a dlineman

The Argos need a left guard (that's the position Hage played at Colorado). Put the heat on Obie. :slight_smile:

I know. Let's get rid of every player who was here last year. Somehow, someway, they must have contributed to the 2008 fiasco. Doesn't matter what their coaches think, what the voters for All-Star or All-CFL think.

Hage played guard at Colorado.
Gagne-Marcoux played centre at Central Florida.


I think what matters most is what the QBs think, They're the ones who have to take the snaps, and end up on their butts if guys blow by them too often. Let them decide if we need a new one.

I cringe at the inconsistency of Marwan's snaps in the shotgun sometimes, but I can see why that might be only a small factor in determining the evaluation of his performance by coaches and other players.

People sometimes forget that the center is regarded as the "quarterback" of the offensive line and is responsible for calling assignments for the rest of the line.

And evaluating play by observing the shear physical matchups between linemen is one thing, but unless you have a lot of experience yourself and correctly interpret the responsibilities on any given play, it can be pretty hard to accurately evaluate an individual lineman's performance in the context of the whole line in real time, especially the 3 inside.

Hage has been named an eastern allstar since he was moved to Center, and his three years at that position would be wasted now , if they moved him to gaurd, But if there is a better Center on the team then that would be a bonus in the depth dept :thup: