Anyone else ready for the pop-up to go bye bye?

for regular site visitors the pop-up on the main page has probably gotten a little old....don't you think??

You mean the one that stops me from following any other links until it loads?

Yeah, it's annoying.

Oh yes please make it go AWAY

what do should is have so The Sites sees the Ip Address
Then once is Registered the IP
It know not re-pop up any time to Come on again

OK, Now in English. :roll:

what pop up???

Allow me…

The site should register IP addresses so that
the pop-up does not pop up more than once to repeat

Thanks BG..

No problem, Tom :wink:

You're right, that pop up is getting annoying.

seriously folks......I have not one clue what this talk of a pop-up is all about......I have never seen one on this site.....honest!

Maybe Mikey has good Pop up

Personally..I bookmarked the when I come here..I miss the pop up. I had to go to the home page to find out what y'all were talking about.

I have no pop-up blocker at all....other than what XP Professional might supply......but I can tell you that I do the same as Mycko....I bookmarked the actual "forums" I by-pass the Home Page......maybe that's why I never see a "pop-up"

Oh crap.

Zontar - I am NOT Mikey..

If you've bookmarked the forums you'll never see it. Head over to the home page and you'll see it every time.

You've just given me all the good reasons not

I'll take your word for it... :smiley:

i dont mind it… I t is tastfully done. Nice artwork, gotta do what ya gotta do…just close it if ya don’t like it no biggie

Someone needs to learn how to spell...believe, not beleive.