Anyone Else Notice?

Cato did a throat slash.

On the sideline in the final minute during a lull between plays. Camera was on him, teammates walking up to congratulate, one approached and he throat slashed, then hugged the teammate. The Cuthbert/Suitor did not mention anything, but we all know how the league thinks of this.

Let me just say that I am not judging either way and not trying to paint him as a bad guy, just pointing out what I saw and curious to see if the league reacts.

I saw that too. I assumed that gestures like that are penalised, but I suppose the refs didn't see that. I doubt the league will take any action as it seems most people didn't notice (or more likely, had stopped watching the game at that point).

I would not expect the officials to catch a gesture buried in the back of the sidelines. They have enough to watch on the field of play.

But remember Kory Banks got a pick a few years back and was a little excited on the sidelines, walked up to the camera and throat slashed. The league fined him right away stating that they do not want to be associated with that image on television. Cato’s action was large and obvious on the broadcast and regardless of how late in the game it was one would think that the league would act swiftly again, no?

I saw it too. I doubt there will be any disciplinary action although it will most certainly be mentioned to him.

The fact that it was a celebratory gesture to a teammate and not one directed to the opponent's bench (or worse, fans) will save him from a fine.

That didn't save Banks. That was a fairly big story when it happened.

Seriously? Where does the lunacy end? What else should we penalize? Maybe it would help if they shook hands before every play and hugged after every play. Any player not complying would be assessed a 15 yard penalty and fine from the league. :roll: :roll: want them to play "Sarcastaball" (a hint, check out South Park). :wink:

and to be PC, they should all kiss on the lips after the game :wink:

NO TONGUE! That gets you 15 yards for objectionable conduct. Well, unless your Micheal Sams then it's 15 yards if you don't. :wink:

Guess that wasn't very PC was it.

Would/will the throat slash being directed at a fellow Al and not the opposition have any part in the league's deliberations?

Kissing is only for soccer and Adriano Belli. :wink:

No, no, no, no. Soccer player don't kiss they bite. :cowboy:

Cato's just an intense guy. His nickname on the team, apparently, is "Grandpa" because he rarely smiles and is all business. No big deal IMO. I caught it watching the game on replay and it was a harmless, brief gesture to a teammate, not directed to the camera. With all the new rules this year, I would hope the zebras have more to worry about than penalizing trivial stuff like this.