Anyone else notice..

... that we seem to lose the games where we score first. It seems that we're a team that needs a hill to climb, and we're pretty good at it too!!
The Bomber recipe for winning...
1st half
let other team score about 18 to 20 points
we score a couple of FGs or a TD
2nd half
dominant D shuts down other team completely
our O does just enough over 2 quarters to win by 5 to 8 pts.
season to taste
Voila !

A recipe for success? I hope so. Is there room for improvement? Of course...but this mixture sure beats the sour taste I had the last few years.

...yes those seem to be traits of ours.....Another one is (and i don't know if this is planned or we lose all the coin tosses)we seem to never start the game receiving...We are kicking to the oppositions 35...they run it back to the 45 ...and presto, instant field position...One of the reasons the opposing team scores first...(field goal or otherwise) or we start in a hole in our first offensive series... This suggests to me problems with the special teams performance.. However IF we get behind , we seem to shake it off and slowly bring on our game but a lot of the time lately we are ending-up short...It would be nice to start a couple of scores up for a change (as we did in Mont.) That turned out alright :wink:...

I have to agree. It would be nice to lead and then have a go for the throat ending once in a while.

Or a playbook that has a 2nd play to use on goal line situations from the 1 yard line after the first one didn't work out.

I thought for sure they would pitch to Garret and let him go in wide. I don't understand that play-calling at all. Shouldn't we have,like Wolverine says, an optional play?

:lol: :lol: true..too vanilla was that effort in the last game.....kinda flavourless :roll:

…the other option was … huddle…repeat same :thdn: I know Brink is darned proficient at getting those one yarders BUT on the goal-line…You know the other team is pumped and are going to stack the middle…Going wide would’ve taken a little more time BUT it may also have resulted in a td…We’ll never know now and …does Lapo really have another play on the goal-line…If he does he’s keeping it under wraps :lol: