Anyone else notice?

Did anyone else notice how much pass interference went on in the Montreal-Calgary game tonight that went uncalled? I know that PI is a subjective call, and that to an extent it could be called on almost every play. But still... I can't believe what both teams were getting away with. If that was us last year, we would have been called everytime.

didnt notice.

Nope. Me neither.

I saw a few plays that shouldn’t have been, but could have been called for PI. I thought it was surprisingly well officiated.

OK nevermind, I am officially crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was a lot of interference going on.

If the league wants to compete with the NFL they need to get their head out of their *** and start calling it. Because you can't defend a Trestman or Huffnagel offence with a zone so now you'll see teams clutching and grabbing and cheating whenever anyone plays Montreal or Calgary.

From what I saw (albeit not much), there was a lot of ffensive interferance as well that could have been called. If both the SB/WR and HB/DB are jostling/fighting for position, then I say let them. If it becomes obvious, then make the call.

Yeah i have noticed all the pass interference like that play that west cats made were he not only had pass interference but face masking but nothing was called what is with these refs???[/list]