Anyone else notice?

not a big deal but just thought is was funny that on top of our screen where it shows the ticats huddled they blacked out donnelly's name. lol. oh well just thought it was odd they would do that. back to the printers maas regular scheduled programming.

Yep, it happened the day he was cut. That is probably Archie wearing #9 as well.

Stay tuned sports fans - more action to follow - I belive Marcel is one smart cookie who will be wheeling & dealing the none producres right out the door. We asked for change and change is coming.

if wheeling and dealing is getting a late second round pick for a starting qb then i have some florida swamp land for him

Sometimes salary dumps are as ugly but ecologically necessary as Florida swamp land, even for Oregon ducks. :wink:

I think the wheeling dealing aspect was the Cincinnati red-flagging of Casey while he was waiting for his Vermont junket to the Als folks, TJ Kelly as the package deliverer from Buffalo Airport...right out of a spy novel!

Oski Wee Wee,

....not only that but BYF seems to be missing as he usually has the ganme thread up by now......

....did he get scooped up by the black helos during the night? you know, the ones with silent blades?

......verrrrry mysterious stuff going on :wink:

Hey - I hadn't heard all of these details...I knew he was en route to Montreal and then went back - what happened with TJ Kelly and the package - can you point me to another thread on this?


good observation, i wouldnt have noticed it if i didnt read it here :smiley: