Anyone else miss Ivor Wynne Stadium?

I do. I'm not knocking THF at all, as it's great, but IWS simply holds so many more of my great Ticat memories. THF just needs more time to create memories for us.

IWS was gritty and no-frills, which is my style. The south concourse was gorgeous with the giant stairs and open feel. I actually preferred sitting in the north, and for no other reason than the view was better. The much older south stands were much sexier.

This is why I wear this avatar with the Canadian flag at IWS.

So is THF.

But I get what you're saying. Like you said, memories will be created, it's just a matter of time.

We've already had a few memorable games:
-the last game of the season in '14 when we beat Montreal to get first in the division AND eliminate the Argos from playoffs
-the rematch against Montreal two weeks later in the East final. Brandon Banks returns 2 kicks for TDs
-the '15 East Semi-final vs Argos. Justin Medlock hits 50+ yard field goal to win it.

As much as I loved IWS, it was time to move on. I definitely don't miss the uncomfortable bleacher style seats. I really like THF as well. The sightlines are excellent for football and it has all the modern amenities for a stadium in 2016. They just need to improve the concessions or I will continue not to eat there.

 Other great THF memories so far include barely squeaking by the Argos for the Cats first win in their inaugural game on Labour Day in 2014, Brandon Stewart, who was onside, picking up the ball on the punt and walking by AJ Jefferson, who just stood there, into the endzone, as the Cats won their first home game post Pam AM Games last season big against the Argos, and kicking the Argos butts last year on Labour Day with Zach passing for over 400 yards.

For almost 20 years I sat in the stands of that Grand Old Girl...
IWS for all it's ageing faults..and there were many.
Was one of the best "sight lines" places in the CFL to watch a game.
And I have been in every stadium across this country except Ottawa's new one. .plus the new BMO Field.
Last but not least..our new THF.
Not by distance.
At over 4000 miles the only chance I have to see our Cats anymore " live " when they come to BC Place.
A 4 and a half hour way.
Would not miss our guys..for the I sit there in my TiCat jersey is a sea of orange.
Enjoy the new place...
Over time it will become just as special, as IWS was. :thup:

The 2 things I miss from IWS are:
Concessions: Believe it or not we had better food, and more choice. The street vendor feel made it unique.
Size: 27k or more made it more intimidating

Oh well, the old girl is gone now. We have a great stadium that will last us another 100 years (it will have to given how this build went).

IWS's capacity was actually 29,600 over the last couple decades. So it held approx. 5,400 more than THF. IWS would only need 5000 end zone seats added to hit the grey cup minimum of 35,000 seats, but THF would need closer to 12,000.

Yes, but there wasn't 29,600 at every game. That was my point.

Things I miss about IWS:

Sight lines. It was a great place to catch a game
Memories - Lots of them over the years as a kid and teen going to the stadium.
The intimidating wall on the side lines with how close it was to the action. When you sat there you always felt on top of the game.
The ease of walking up the stairs to the top row of the stadium. The new digs stairs are steep and make me feel my age.

Things I don't miss:

The wooden bleachers.
The bathrooms (they were gross)
The darkness of the concourse level.
Growing up playing a few game at IWS I do not miss those change rooms. They were hardly a good fit for Jr high school boys.

I went to their end of season sale just to get a look at the old dressing room before they tore it down. I was shocked as to how small it was.

I wasn't overly happy at the prospect of getting slivers where it would be difficult to see them. That's where you need real faith and trust in your spouse.

The sight lines were great. You felt so close to the game.

The memories...some sad...some wonderful....will ALWAYS be with me.

After moving from Hamilton, to me, going to a game there was like coming home.

I will eternally have a special place for the old girl.

If you think the Cats dressing room was small you should have got a glimpse of the visiting rooms. I am amazed at how a team with 300lbs men changed in there. Talk about a clown car

Don't miss it at all, the bench seats with no backs were horrible. When you were a kid it was great, you didn't care but when you get older you don't want to spend $50 and be sitting squished next to some fat guy on a bench and you can't lean back because someone has their knees in your back.

Two things I miss:

  1. How easy it was to get in and out of the Stadium and that you could enter at any gate and walk around the inside of the stadium to get to your seat if you wanted.

  2. The people watching from the upper tier (on the press box side) looking down on the concourse. I recognize fans now from just seeing people moving back and forth at Ivor Wynne.

Is getting in and out of the stadium an issue? I've had a habit of either getting to games super early, or right at kickoff. Never waited in line more than a minute. You can enter at any gate and walk around, just can't walk under the North endzone.

I miss the wheelchair section at Ivor Wynne. We were right at field level by the Ticat bench. You could touch them. The wheelchair section now is on the concourse & we have people crowding behind us, It takes us a long time to leave the stadium because everyone is using the elevators which makes the wheelchairs have to wait.

Compared to IWS, THF is quite.

I mean really quite. Quite to the point of taking the fun out of a live game.

And it’s impossible to heckle visiting players from the upper stands.

Ammenities are nicer. Theres more seats with obstructed views so i wont say sight lines are better.

More than once I’ve been redirected to a different gate. It’s a nuisance. I usually park roughly six blocks away to the NE of THF. I walk up to the East Gate where I am often told to walk around to the West side. With kids in tow it’s a pain.

It was really cool how close the wheelchair section was to the field at IW.

I have to apologize because I've been one of those people who've absentmindedly blocked a wheelchair seat during a game at THF.

I've used the elevators once and can attest to the wait.

It would be great to see the Cats do something to better accommodate fans in wheelchair. I think the dedicated searing on the concourse level was well intentioned but has been problematic with the big crowds. I've seen fans in some pretty complicated machines at games and it's got to be hassle to get there so it would be nice to see them have an awesome game-time experience.

If our O-line could actually run block, they could be put to use opening lanes to the elevators for those who need them... lol


Ivor Wynne was the best, if you wanted a battery thrown at your head, or a punch in the mouth! Ah, the memories... :smiley: [/i]

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That has nothing to do with IWS, and everything to do with trashy people. Most of those same people still go to THF, but I think security is better now.