Anyone else love the all-white Ticat uni's?

I personally LOVE them. Very clean.

I would be happy if they wore them for every road game. Maybe even the odd home game.

All of their jersey/pant combos are great, but the all-white really does it for me.

Yes. Me. But, I don't think too many will be with us, on this, cff. I agree that all 5 combos of the regular uniforms look good. The majority of fans will prefer the all blacks to all whites, but I'm not one of them.

I prefer the black jersey gold pant combo over the all-black. The black pants are my least favourite, but they look decent with the white jersey.

No. We looked too much like the Argos out there....

No, the white pants have been bad luck in the past, and they don't look good, they need more colour.

They certainly weren't bad luck last night.

Pants don't decide a game - the players wearing them do.

Nope all white not for me :thdn:

Ditch the white and black pants and just stick with the gold ones.

Old school! 8)

Ditto. Gold pants only.


Wouldn't all-white be suitable for labour day though? It's the colour of the day. They did a totally different all-white a few years back on labour day. Pretty sure it was 2006 or 2007.

Pretty sure the home team wears dark jerseys

It's not a rule. Hamilton has used the white jersey at home for the last two preseasons. Montreal wore white jerseys at home the last week, with Edmonton in the same dark green as last night.

I love the away uniform because it's basically the inverse of one of the best jersey's of all time, the Ti-Cats 1967-74 jersey

Prefer the above black pants though

Have the Cats ever won in the all white uni's? As soon as the tv coverage started, I thought 'oh crap, the white on whites'
Glad they proved otherwise.

They should wear gold pants in the vast majority of games.

Black in a couple, and the third uni pants on the one or two occasions they wear them this year.

White? Never.

No, I don't like the all-white Ticat uni's... yet Hamilton has the best uniforms in the CFL IMO. The worst uniforms are the road ones for the Ottawa WHITEblacks (oops, I mean REDblacks) where everything from the helmet down is white. When they're on the road in Calgary, one who doesn't follow the game would think the Stampeders are the REDblacks. I don't know why they don't wear the same black helmets with either red pants or black ones with red striping instead of those awful whites. Same with the Ticats... the best look has contrast... the black home jersey looks best with gold and additionally, the best road jersey in the league(Hamilton's) looks much better paired up with black or gold coloured pants.

I recall a big all white win in Winnipeg a few years back. Of course white always looks good on a boat.

ALL ABOARD !!!!! What a Classic memory....that pick 6 propelled the Cats into the play-offs(09) for the first time since 2004 .....One of my favourite pictures of the Cats :smiley: :rockin: :rockin: :smiley:

That game in the Peg in 09 is one of my favorite Ticat moments in recent years. Pretty sure it was the last regular season game, and the teams 9th win that year.

I prefer the new all-white look though. IMO the pant and jersey stripes on the current uni's are the best they have ever been. Although very white, the new white pants make the black and gold stripe stand out more, yet it's thinner.

Regardless of colour worn, the new uni's are great. I believe they started wearing them in 2012.