Anyone else having problems logging in to

Using Firefox, connected by Rogers broadband.
Over the last 4 days in the evenings when I try to connect I have to log in through because the screen comes up blank when I try

Anybody else facing this?

i have the same problem
but was unaware of the site working and was using I.E. to post

I'm using Sympatico high speed and two out of every three times I've attempted to connect over the past week the page becomes non-responsive during loading. It's really frustrating.

I'll as our GSA (aka Grumpy Sys Admin) to have a look at that.

thanks for the feedback
The Ref :slight_smile:

IE and firefox (through cogeco) both working fine here.

Sympatico Hi Speed Wireless - never a problem.

their are times when the system won't accept my password...anyone else having this problem?

Explorer and Mountaincable High Speed

no problems at all...

IE6 and Cogeco... lots of problems

It takes many attempts until the page will finally load.

It usually loads partially and becomes non-responsive.

This is the case for both and

It took me about 25 attempts today.

Today was the worst yet. I had the same experience as CaptainKirk and it took twelve attempts before the page would finally load.

Happening again tonight. Easy entry on CFL.CA. No entry on

IE6 and Inter.Net high-speed. The home page loads twice, and the news stories must be activated with a click before the story links will work. This means the home page loads three times before I can use it, every time.

I had a similar problem with it last night, but it seems to be working ok now. My problem is that I am on dial up at a blazing speed of 24.7 kbps ( can't get high speed in my area). The home page takes about 10 minutes to load. Navigating between forum topics is a nightmare. I did not experience this problem on the old site. Using Sportsnet or TSN forums also are not anywhere near as slow as this new site, I'm sure all of the photos are great for you folks on highspeed, but a real pain for those of us on dial up.