Anyone else having a problem with

Home page is jumbled making it difficult to navigate.

Ive had this problem a few times but when I refresh the page it usually fixes itself.

Clear your cache and reload the page.


I've had trouble for a while now. On my lap top I have to access the forum through If I try through my password is not accepted. I've tried clearing the cache and deleting cookies but it still isn't accepted. This is really strange, because on my desktop (on the same network) I am able to access the forum through (I use the same password on both!) It reminds me of an old saying: "Computers are great WHEN THEY WORK".

:( :( :(

Had lots of problems trying to log in. Finally had to set up a new account and link my name. Things seem to be working now. Not sure what the problems were.

I am really confused by the new setup. I created an account a while back but once things moved over I couldn't post. I tried all kinds of things to get connected, and eventually found a way in via with a new id. Been a real frustrating couple of weeks, and I'm still not sure if I'm set up right.


I haven't been having any problems, using Firefox 3.6.8 for what its worth.